Chess Cheating Scandal FINAL UPDATE!!

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  1. I could use one of those beads to warn me if I was about to blunder my queen.

  2. You forgot to mention the hundreds and hundreds of games that were anayzed and concluded as cheated games by Hans leading up to the tournament. That deep dive of his games were done after the Sinquefield Cup

  3. Why is Harry Potter talking about chess?😮

  4. I don’t understand how the first game wasn’t a draw?? Someone please help. Can Magnus as white pieces not simply move King to g3, trading bishop for the last pawn and forcing draw? It seems like it should be easy to sacrifice the bishop for the pawn to get a draw at the very least. King and knight cannot mate.

  5. Cheating at “12 and 16” is the same as “12 through 16 and onward” 😂 once a cheater, always a cheater.

  6. Netflix producers are rubbing their hands.

  7. Old habits die hard. Pretty sure Hans threw the defamation case only to cover up and seem innocent

  8. Having watched the whole video, I am entitled to say that the whole problem can be solved with a chess game between Hans and Magnus in a controlled setting with an MRI before the game.

  9. James Bond villain gets caught cheating. No surprise here.

  10. its muh boy the IM that crushes GMs all the time a def. does not carry any selfworthcomplex.

  11. Gotham you are chess. Not the best but does it matter when basically every comes here for news and how to get better?

  12. Someone explain the kidnapping meme pls 😂

  13. I dont understand how can u chwat in a physical game

  14. If my opinion matters at all (which it doesn't) HE CHEATED!!

  15. hans' case getting dismissed, probably, didn't sit right with him.

  16. Can someone explain the abnormal Niemanns FIDE rating flow?

  17. 100 million sounds like a crazy amount of money

  18. I appreciate Gotham being so level headed and trying not to be biased. Props!

  19. Only thing queen’s gambit got me into was drugs and alcohol 😅

  20. Sat in the middle of the day with your girl

  21. he does not need any device to cheat, there are countess things that could be the reason, maybe he is able to hear unusually high or low sound frequencies and someone in the hall is signalling the moves via sound… it can be many many ways, the organisers cannot possibly catch every cheater let alone prove it… what needs to be done is to make a standard for unusually high correlation of moves with known best engines.

  22. The thumbnail is the face of someone enjoying himself tremendously. xD

  23. I think it was super arrogant if magnus carlson

  24. Man this guy just talks a lot and nothing clickbaiter video starts at 50% mark

  25. YouTube premium detected 10 filler and autoskip

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