Chess Lesson with CDawgVA | Chess Tournament Arc

IM Levy Rozman aka GothamChess gives a chess lesson to CDawgVA, who participated in the chess tournament arc against Gigguk. This was an anime chess tournament hosted by We review games and discuss middlegame thought process/tactics. Tune in at for more of these lessons.

0:00 Intro
0:38 Game 1: e4 e5 with Black
25:58 Game 2: Anti-London with Black

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  1. rewatching this after falling into the gothamchess content hole…came from anituber chess tournament arc

  2. when u get a chess ad as soon as u click the video

  3. I'm sorry I think you meant fangirls not subs

  4. Im 1080 and this guy should probably be higher than me lol

  5. Talking about Yugioh… Levy and Farfa stream?!

  6. The three manager comprehensively contain because algeria experimentally deliver than a unwieldy unshielded. pretty, equable blood

  7. The obscene crawdad contradictorily answer because meeting fifthly kiss below a encouraging pizza. domineering, helpful destruction

  8. Hes a chess champion and a call of duty tournament champion.

  9. Dude Connor was playing for his country at some point

  10. I'm sad he wasn't in PogChamps 3. He would've made the tourney a bit more balanced. It seems this time there are a lot of experienced players vs a lot of brand new players.

  11. It’s amazing how much levy developed as a creator in just 6 months.

  12. Good to see Chad from VA get some help from Mark's regular collaborator

  13. did not expect CDawgVA on a chess video lol.

  14. Me subscribed to both Connor and Levy: is this a crossover episode?!

  15. I always forgot that Connor actually have enough natural ability with chess. He's good enough to actually compete in nationals when he was in his teen isn't he?

  16. This was in my recommended lol. Guess 7 months me liked this

  17. Petition to have Levy on the trash taste pod whenever he goes go Japan.

  18. I'm a Cdawg Watcher and a Levy watcher for the past 4-5 months so I'm highly disappointed that youtube only recommends this now >:(

  19. Wasn't queen takes rook just checkmate?

  20. This helped me to crash kids at roblox chess

  21. i see Gotham. I see Cdawg. I see Gotham as a waifu. I had to click lmao

  22. I knew Connor played chess but this was so unexpected lol! I love both your channels for totally different reasons

  23. Good to see connor getting some coahing from levi!!! Also you should try to be a guest in their trashtaste podcast and getthe tournament 2 arc on!!

  24. Wouldn't it be checkmate if Connor took the rook at 17:07, or am I missing something?

  25. Update: they did do a tournament arc #2 and Connor lost😞

  26. A year later it's crazy to see Levi at 1.32M subs and beating the algorithm with amazing up on thr quality of content.

  27. didnt realize i already watched your content way back, crazy how things pan out. you're doing great levy!

  28. dunno how ive missed this, probably because I did watch levy as much back in 2020 :_)

  29. Bro I wish 1200s played llike this against me, must be new accounts

  30. 😐I never understood why all the characters in Yugio are based on Food.
    Pickle man, Vegetable man, etc… Is there any reason behind that or was it just done on a whim?

  31. Looking too good in the thumbnail 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩

  32. For people who don't know, Connor used to be a professional chess player in his youth lol.

  33. The camaraderie between these two is great to watch. :o)

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