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The Funded Trader is dedicated to helping traders succeed and hosting a chess tournament for the community is one way that we work towards this! Give this video a watch, learn about the T.F.T. chess tournament, the rules, and how to register, then let us know what you think.

Give this video a watch and let us know what you think about the TFT tournaments in the comments section!

Become our next Funded Trader and work with a balance of up to $600,000 USD.

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VVS Connect:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:58 – Basic Steps
00:01:48 – When the tournament is conducted
00:02:00 – Joining link
00:02:29 – Detailed rules & eligibility
00:02:40 – Review & Results
00:03:04 – How to claim prizes
00:03:22 – Wrap up!


  1. I love this opportunity, I hope I win.

  2. i was once discourage from playing at the tournament i was suspected of cheating.. Which i never did, i played at a higher level and won the tournament. I professionally play chess for my country and i have account at lichess with higher ratings. Please review the way you conduct the assessment its not fair. Thank you

  3. I have played it before its a very pure tournament with pure rules that needs to be abide by

  4. It was a great Chess tournament, thanks TFT for Chess tourney

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