Chess Tournament Goes Wrong During VPN Sponsorship!

HIkaru plays out of his mind during the June 30th Titled Tuesday, only for everything to come crashing down before the knockout portion.

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Intro: 0:00
Round 1: 1:01
Round 2: 11:26
Round 3: 22:16
Round 4: 33:06
Round 5: 51:00
Round 6: 1:02:41
Round 7: 1:13:27
Round 8: 1:26:56
Round 9: 1:38:40
Round 10: 1:50:24
DDOS : 2:01:07


  1. ironic how he get ddosed during a VPN sponsorship…

  2. them showing your ip publicly is so unnecessary and dumb.
    "oh look, we are mad hack0rz we know your ip, better get our dumb vpn to be safe, even though it now gives out information to law enforcement anyway"
    the only thing people will learn from this is: get some other vpn.

  3. Might've censored the ad name because getting ddosed while doing an ad for a VPN is like finding a hair in a big Mac when doing an ad for McDonald's.

  4. 再生バー、ラウンドごとに区切れていて見やすかった!

  5. Not criticizing Hikaru at all, but at that point I think I would turn off the WiFi on my phone and just play on my phone

  6. Him thinking he was safe because it wasn't his local IP is pretty funny

  7. This guy plays high level chess while having a conversation with hundreds of people

  8. if you're getting ddosed… PHONE HOTSPOT!!! also I have a 3rd modem as well just in case, his mommy's credit card won't handle ip booter site's premium package for more than 1 ip at a time

  9. How can I also be sponsored by meeeeoooooooow?

  10. it would have been funny to play the music during the 3000 network error

  11. Round 10 vs Hans is so perfect as the final round <3

  12. lol Hikaru just son'ed Hans, 'son take this learning experience'

  13. The funny thing is that my connection to is sometimes the same even if I'm not getting ddosed.

  14. Maybe Hans took revenge after you kicked him.

  15. VPN: we protect you by hiding your IP
    Also VPN: your IP is 102.651.128.123, btw

  16. Chat redeeming 6969 points and are saying nice and Hikaru doesnt get the joke. lol

  17. Big pogs @ Round 8. WP Hikaru and Infernal_XaM!

  18. Was it edited or not? If not the people who ddosed hikaru did it real fast

    Edit: nvm didn’t watch the end yet when making this comment. Not as fast as the intro but still really quick

  19. CM–Canada Master, you earn this title when you reach the high rating of 1200. And you get a couple bonuses, you get an Eric Hansen bobblehead and you become an honorary Canuck if you're not from Canada! Such prestige! Such honor!

  20. Im from Argentina and I dont know some of your phrases like "shot the moon" so its good you explain some of that kind of phrases for us

  21. There is no use getting angry over a DDOS, learn and avoid it. People that do that do it for the attention, even bad attention is good for them

  22. imagine if he gets new donations new subscribers non stop and must thank them live calling their names non stop … that way he can never play chess

  23. naka should have used his own product he was doing ads for oh well all his private info is online anyway anyone who takes 5 mins can find it

  24. 1:54:00 until they stick a 13 move dirty engine line down your throat and your losing your queen or getting mated.

  25. “I can just relax and figure it out… but I don’t really want figure it out” got me laughing hard

  26. I m french and i don't know of any good recent french serie. Wich one was he talking about?

  27. i wouldn’t find this funny if it wasn’t so ironic

  28. Hans Niemann was so depressed after that loss. I saw his stream:(

  29. Your public ip cannot be "10. and something else". That whole 10.* subnet is reserved for private/local networks. So this is your local ip and it showed your public ip on screen.

  30. Never would I have imagined a grandmaster be so cultured in the dank memes, especially with the "It is what is is" line XD

  31. Doesn’t Hikaru have mods that check this stuff before hand? And if not he def should it would help decrease the chances of things like these happening again

  32. The most thing I love about you that u r humble .
    Ofc beside ur skills at chess .

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