Chessable Masters | Magnus vs. Aronian: Winner Takes on Hikaru for a Division I Grand Final Seat!

Featuring the reigning Champions Chess Tour winner, Magnus Carlsen, Global Champion, Wesley So, and Speed Chess Champion, Hikaru Nakamura, the new 2023 CCT season continues with the Chessable Masters! A record $2 million prize pot will be on offer across this year’s Champions Chess Tour—making it the richest and most prestigious annual circuit in chess history.


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  1. What are people confused about in these formats because Double elimination is pretty rudimentary stuff if you're familiar with competitive tournament formats it's one of the staples. So is is something else? like the time controls or the tie break method

    I have to say one of the parts that I don't understand and dislike is that losers bracket is 2 games while winers bracket is 4 make them both 4 or 2 I don't mind either way but don't make them different. It's soo confusing that when you drop down to losers bracket your margin for error tightens. and you could eliminated easier. It makes it seem like when you make it to grand finals from losers side the opponent has to score only 1.5 points to eliminate you while you have to score 2.5 points to drop them to losers bracket where now you both have to score 1.5 points to win. That's what the format makes you think is gonna happen if you think about it deeply. But NO. What actually happens is that after you make it to grand finals from losers side. for some reason. Your margin of error jumps and now you'll be eliminated if the opponent scores 2.5 points on you. which is a unique case that can't happen anywhere else in the tournament everywhere else it's 1.5 need to be scored to eliminate a player but here it's 2.5 points. And it gets weirder because after you reach grand finals from losers side and have your space to make errors randomly increase for no reason. It would then decrease back again to the 1.5 format. so after playing for awhile in losers you reach grand finals and out of no reason related to your own play your space for playing shifts and then when you win it would shift again. It would shift twice back to back without you losing to warrant any of the shifts. Your just doing what your supposed to and trying your best. But your playing space is still being messed with and fluctuating. And those were my main problems with it. It's unnecessarily complicated confusing while being easy to fix with a simple obvious change of having the brackets use the same match format. Making it more like an actual extra life. Rather than hard mode where your mistakes are more harshly punished

  2. It seems really suspicious how Magnus always mouse slips at the end of the games against Hikaru.

  3. Look what happened to Nepo with his Man-Bun. How about a mullet?

  4. What do you mean "never settled for a quick draw" Tania xD. They literally played the double boungcloud.

  5. Amazing how they were so pro magnus at the end of armageddon but hikaru crashes the party!

  6. If levy wore a shirt like Hikaru, he would win more.

  7. Its funny seeing all of the 800elo hikaru fans creaming their pants over this.. anyone who actually respects and loves the game knows how unbelievably terrible and saddening that ending is. Would love too see them play rapid otb soon

  8. James is a outstanding commentator. Everybody else is great also but James stands out.

  9. Commentators not looking that happy with Hikaru winning.

  10. why was there no interview for magnus afte his mouse slip ?

  11. Jan should be one of the commentator to tone down the emotions

  12. The big question is, was that invective shouted by Magnus in English or Norwegian?

  13. Lucky every time? That’s the only way Magnus wins?

  14. i'd like to see commentary without an analysis bar to have a more human experience with the game. I'm fine to hear analysis afterwards with the engine.

  15. hikaru: yeah i came on top and magnus did many mistakes …

    dude's winning by an obv mouse slip

  16. I know it's a long tournament to cover, but I really prefer just two commentators for games. With so many it feels like a non stop competition to fill the air with words. But maybe it's just me. James is a great addition though!

  17. I felt bad for Magnus when he mouseslipped. He does this remarkely often from time to time. Maybe he should adapt point&click more rigidly then drag&drop.

  18. anybody got the timestamp for james doing pushups 🤣🤣

  19. It's possible Magnus blundered on purpose, knowing it was a draw he wanted the win to seem like an accident?
    I'm all too familiar with Magnus types, he might have a good memory but besides that all the signs are there, even got his hair in a ponytail. Definitely a frat boy, that attitude won't age well at all. Hikaru seems more down to earth.

  20. 2;22 ;45 so hikaru actually didnt miss it magnus would sac the bishop like hikaru said in his upload

  21. What? I did not get what happened! Magnuse's mouse slipped, i know. But which move it was? King to a3?

  22. Magnus outplayed him by far. Silly ending. This isn’t a rivalry lol one is clearly better

  23. عاش يا هكارو نطرهم يا اخويا

  24. حبيبي هكارو نطرهم فرحانلك يا اخويا تعيش و تدي كارلسن على دماغه

  25. It seems like Magnus going into the loser's bracket was calculated. Instead of facing the strongest players in the winning bracket, he was able to face the loser's. Even strong players, after losing, are in a worse state of mind. I haven't seen whether he wins overall or not, though. I hope that his calculation pays off.

  26. Not meaning to be rude, if it is. Who is the Canadian caster? He seems to have no idea what he's saying in multiple cases, especially whenever he talk about what Magnus is doing. In at least two cases, just in the game against Hikaru, he was opening a door to improve his room's air quality, not "fighting" or "closing" the curtain. I think the room they're casting in may need some better air quality. They have an Airthings piece of equipment…

  27. Sad moment for Magnus but Hikaru actually won this time

  28. The panel was pro magnus yesterday. Talking about how magnus won't hesitate to flag hikaru if the time gets low, but was dissapointed because magnus had a mouse slip, is funny to me.

  29. Many people are mad to hikaru cuz he wins of mouse slip, but the thing they have to notice that the position is draw meaning hikaru would have won anyway

    And for those who thinks magnus could have flagged hikaru, you better watch how hikaru play bullet on stream

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