Chessable Masters | Magnus vs. Aronian: Winner Takes on Hikaru for a Division I Grand Final Seat!

Featuring the reigning Champions Chess Tour winner, Magnus Carlsen, Global Champion, Wesley So, and Speed Chess Champion, Hikaru Nakamura, the new 2023 CCT season continues with the Chessable Masters! A record $2 million prize pot will be on offer across this year’s Champions Chess Tour—making it the richest and most prestigious annual circuit in chess history.


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  1. Bro Hikarus Mimik after in the interview is just peak😂

  2. It is starting to look slightly unclear what Carlsen's continued claim to being the best is based on.

  3. 2:34:04 pawn to h4 is indeed brilliant move by magnus to prevent what happens after hikaru sacs the knight by moving it to f2 square after king takes knight ,black queen would've put too much pressure

  4. Something is wrong with these commentators. Around 48:30 the main guy said that "..evaluation bar slightly dropped" when it went from 2.8 to around 0.4?? And he wonders how White can have that big advantage (according to stockfish)? I'm far from being a chess expert but even I see how Magnus' position is much better than Levon's, although material is the same.

  5. munching while playing …what a lack of respect!

  6. i can't stand that gir wth her horrible accent and all the gestures she makes…

  7. If Hikaru mouse slipped and ANYONE took the piece, he would be such a bitter little bitch about it lol

  8. If this is fide championship. Magnus would have won

  9. It's funny these guys devoted their lives to learning all the chess moves but only recently it is all about money.Hikaru and a few others are doing well with streaming and posting content so yeah it makes the low money of Chess seem kind of like a who cares.

  10. James Canty was a really nice suprise here ❤

  11. Hikaru should have offered a draw in the end there just to troll

  12. So many times my hart skipped a beat watching this … Last game was magnus …naka let's goooo

  13. Ahh gG to Magnus mouse slip ruined the game but it’s alright it happens also congrats to hikaru

  14. Wtf was this tania with that other girls manners and language

  15. I love chess, but I just can't love chess being decided by a mouse slip. It's not natural and it's sad for the game of chess.

  16. For the record, I dislike that the live board isn't in the center of the screen all the time, the bad variations and all the "opinions" should be displayed in the smaller board, the only reason I see this kind of stream is to see the players expression during the actual game, but maybe other people disagree and they prefer to watch the variations in the main, biggest board.

  17. Hikaru vs Magnus is the modern chess Messi vs Ronaldo

  18. I think it's possible for hikaru to have a competitive drive and spirit and be interested. But also ''literally not care'' as in the sense of. He doesn't think of it as a big deal whether he wins or loses. think of it as in while others might consider chess as part of their 5 priorities they have in life hikaru has chess as one of the things he's most interested in by far. But if it goes away and becomes not so interesting anymore to him. He could totally move on to something else. Just like he did with classical chess. If you couldn't tell I'm a hikaru fan

  19. I think Fabi has the advantage. Has not lost a match!!! I love Naka but Fabi on a role!

  20. It would've been a draw anyway and hikaru wins it …goat

  21. Too high pitched voice of the commentator for my liking. The others were more objective and pleasant to listen to, actually i enjoy they work, but im going to look other options when this woman and pepe cuenca are covering at this channel. Anyway, goodjob everyone!.

  22. They all lucky Hans Newman is not playing in this online tourney

  23. This is how I feel every 3 games I play with a laptop.

  24. The commentators 😂😂🎉🎉… James is such a dope addition to the commentary the studio has so much life 😂😂

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