Clash of Chess Styles | Magnus v Fabiano, Alireza v Gukesh and more on Day 1 | Norway Chess 2023

The 2023 Norway Chess is an elite over-the-board tournament contested by top grandmasters Magnus Carlsen, Alireza Firouzja, Anish Giri, Wesley So, Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana, and more! This year’s event features a kr$2,500,000 prize fund (roughly equivalent to $234,000) and takes place in Stavanger, Norway.

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  1. 10/10 Event.5/10 commentary. Howell is doing a good job tho.

  2. Magnus is a great chess player. But the treatment that he receives by so many adoring fans, as if he is a God who can do no wrong, is just dumb. It's about time he and his fans get a hit of reality that he's not unbeatable and that his attitude of playing openings that he knows can be easily countered, while admirable, is stupid in the least and insulting at worst.I've also made the argument that he plays those openings to get people out of theory so that pure chess ability would decide the games. But there's no such thing as pure chess ability – learning theory might be boring but it is the game of chess right now, and it's never too late to be left behind by others who are willing to keep with the times.

  3. Can we get GMCanty, Tania, Robert Hess, and or Daniel Naroditsky back on the commentating crew? Together with David they have great synergy tbh

  4. Gukesh did excellent with black against Alireza.

  5. Let me be the first to say: Magnus lost!

  6. Now I know why magnus wanted to play only alireza in a world chess championship match

  7. Hikaru resigned not because of time but because he really lost the game.

  8. I use that to sleep
    Hearing them talk is so calming

  9. Lol the big boys all lost, magnus, hikaru and firouza

  10. Magnus party is so over. He lost interest and will to improve/maintain skill level. It’s only downhill from here

  11. Bro is mad yet nobody's making him move the pieces but himself lol

  12. Gukesh defeated firouza with black who won against ding Li who won fide hence gukesh is better than ding Li and also he should be world championship

  13. What's wrong with the directors.. Terribly we can't watch even for a short whiles of Fabi and Magnus game.. Oh

  14. Amazing to watch this non live. Just skip all non Magnus games and all the commercials.

  15. Really enjoyed Fabiano sticking around and providing some commentary!

  16. The presentation of this game is immaculate so far.

  17. What's up with Carlsen and Firouzja trying to emulate the new World Chess Champion in losing early in tournaments? Is this the new trend?

  18. It feels like Magnus is not preparing well anymore. Not working hard enough and relying on his intuition only.

  19. I hope magnus doesn’t do well in this tournament I’d love to see him have the motivation to play more classical again

  20. AWKward at 4: 21:40, they must let go Fabi bcuz Fabi's gonna eat whole the commentaries…

  21. F.A.B.I.
    That performance against the highest rated player ever is mind boggling especially in what many consider him to be "out of his prime"

  22. Magnus is lose at round 1, can he still play in the tournament anymore

  23. So disrespectful how people think Magnus is the goat when thats clearly not the case

  24. Why so little space for players on screen?!!!

  25. I love how biased Judith was for Firouza.

  26. This format great, always something going on

  27. Judit should stop saying moves. It's one blunder after another.

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