Classical Arena Chess Tournament #2 (late join)

I competed in an Hourly Classical Arena chess tournament on lichess. It’s nearly a 2-hour tournament with time controls 10|0. I late joined this tournament by about 30 minutes when broadcasting at .

I’m a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. πŸ˜€



  1. Seeing some go from you could be neat, or just you taking a crash course in any board game like shogi or go.

  2. Love it when you do 10 min games cuz thats the exact times I use πŸ˜€ I should probably extend the time because im still a scrub XD

  3. Aww man I thought u would review that 1st game

  4. How long is the Classical Chess Tournament?

  5. +ChessNetwork – I LOVE the Classical Chess Tournaments! A lot of fun, easy to keep up with and I learn a lot! Please keep doing more!

  6. I look forward to your videos more than Xmas lol

  7. Craciun means Christmas in romanian πŸ™‚ u played against a dude named like that

  8. At 8:41, can't u play Nxe4 and then after Rxe4, Na5 to follow?

  9. 17:10 I thought Rxe4 was not a threat as white has backrank issues.

  10. I really like to watch your games in the classical arena tournament. You can keep a really sharp gameplay while commentating strategies. That's definitely educational.
    Keep it comming!

  11. The best chess streamer??!! .. dead last

  12. jerry im your biggest fan and love your videos but honestly i don't think you have a good chance playing classical against John Bartholomew he's just too strong for you buddy plus he's a pro active FIDE player, i remember those four bullet games between you and him your one winning was just a time factor or whatsoever not a real chess Also most of your high rating points was earned from low rated amateur players unlike John who strike the ICC players and hold the position on the very top, i hope that you improve your chess more or at least play agains players at the same of your level or maybe Higer for once WHY NOT??!!.keep it real buddy and solving chess puzzles won't do much for you it's just slowing you down at this point,hope you do better.Peace.

  13. Agree with everyone else, your classical streams are the best for us newbies…"Monster" videos, if you will. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  14. If you hold control while clicking a link it will open in a new tab.

  15. That entire queen trap game was stellar to watch

  16. Jerry, why do you keep calling 10 minute chess Classical? Surely you must know that classical games are generally 1+ hours. 10 minute is blitz.

  17. 38:46 Couldn't he kick the bishop away with a3 so his queen can take on Qxb7?

  18. Jerry, please do more videos on lichess classic tourney ( 10 mins )

  19. was watching this video and quickly got inspired to play my own game. Hopped on over to lichess and my first game I got scholar's mated. I'll continue watching this and pretend nothing happened….

  20. ChessNetwork: crushing the dreams of 1600+ Players in the absolute nicest way possible.

  21. has been 2 months since ur last classical stand alone game with analysis, come on jerry

  22. Would berzerking be a good idea? You seem to bezerk sometimes on faster games but not on these slower games.

  23. Hey Jerry, thank you for this channel. Learning a lot from your commentary!

  24. Hey Jerry,

    I'm a relatively recent sub, been watching your videos for a few months now and I'm really liking these classical tournaments. I noticed there's not too many videos of them up, though. I was wondering if in the near future you could participate in another classical tournament. It is really a delight to watch and listen to your thought process with slower time controls. I (and probably many other viewers) would greatly appreciate it. Whenever you have the time and interest! (Don't mean to rush you into something you don't want to do).

    Cheers from Shanghai πŸ™‚

  25. I've heard somewhere that it's not recommended in chess to move the same piece twice in a row, can someone tell me his thoughts about this ? Around 50:16 Jerry moves the knight 3 times in a row. Is it like a begginer rule or something ?

  26. Top two winners are both girls? They both have female names so it's interesting

  27. Cant wait for you to analyse these sacrifices you mentionned.

  28. You really should change your play style according to your opponents rating. You can easily win games against them even if you have 1 min and they have 10

  29. Whenever I pause and then come back to the video: "OK BACK TO TOURNAMENT"

  30. β€œScratch all of that lets pick up this pawn” lmao

  31. The minute the traffic dies down, Jerry’s confidence, and sometimes even luck, start rising.

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