Closing Ceremony: Magnus Wins Freestyle GOAT Challenge 2024 Final

The $200,000 Freestyle Chess G.O.A.T. Challenge is an over-the-board Chess960 tournament featuring Carlsen, Ding, Firouzja, Caruana, Gukesh, Aronian, Abdusattorov & Keymer. It starts with a rapid event to decide pairings for the classical knockout tournament, with all games played at the Weissenhaus Private Nature Luxury Resort in Germany. Watch:

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  1. well at least you went back and changed the title. i hope you learned your lesson

  2. AWESOME event. THANK YOU, Jan and Holly ❤! Sooooooooo HAPPY that Magnus won and that the KINGS took position 1, 2 and 3 👋. Next time, JACKS 🤣. The BEST is yet to come. Much love xxx

  3. THANK YOU, ChessBase India for your FANTASTIC coverage of the event. So PROUD of Pappa and Mamma for an EXCELENT job. Well done xxx

  4. Greatest of all time magnus, no doubt.

  5. Why leave a frozen analysis board…

  6. Ding liren has the title. Magnus Carlsen IS a champion.

  7. chess24 was the best website to view tournaments, now there is no web sites to view chess games online.

  8. Did you know what is the funniest part of the Chess game?!

    When the english translators were naming the chess pieces from persian, they put the word "VAZIR" which means "Counselor" or "Iranian first minister" to the: queen!

    The problem is: when a soldier reaches the last row of the chessboard, he can become a Counselor (VAZIR). Even if all eight soldiers reach the final line, they can become Counselor (VAZIR).
    What happened now:
    They have changed the king's advisor to the king's wife, and if any soldier reaches the last row of the chess, the king gets a new wife 🤣🤣🤣
    So embarrassing!


  9. Magnus really out here putting the GOAT argument to rest

  10. The world champ is still No.1. only if you flip your screen…

  11. Too bad you announced the result in the title

  12. 😢Why say who won? Don't need to watch it now…. 🙄

  13. Winner in the title. Great. will just speed through to see who got fifth.

  14. Next time Butterfly chess,than Backstroke chess and finally Breaststroke chess.

  15. Since Black people are the creators of everything. It's sad that they try to white wash Chess as if they are the face card of the game.
    Chess was invented by Indians who were Black people.

    Remember kids. We showed them how to do things. White people just stole everything you see today including this game. There are more Grandmasters that are Black. They don't want to give us the credit. Theses aren't the greatest players. The greatest players in chess aren't on cameras.

  16. can someone tell the name of music played in the first 4 mins of the video? Its lit

  17. completely terrible title ruining it for those who dont watch live – no interest now in watching

  18. Why on Earth would you spoil the result in the title? Many havent seen it, people are in different timezones.

  19. Who decided to spoil the result in the title? Terrible..

  20. I was looking forward to watch this. But with the result in the title all excitement is gone…

  21. You spoiled your own content, are you trying to dissuade viewers??

  22. Don't you just love Jan and Holly, oh my god. And Holly just so energetic, fun. Sweetness total

  23. Hikaru Nakamura and Wesley So should have been included. The two will give Magnus a good competition when the format is freestyle chess.

  24. who runs this account? Giving away the result in the title is asking people not to watch. It's not too late to change the title

  25. Spoiler in the title. Unbelievable. What were you thinking

  26. King Magnus! Has done it all! No one else is even close!

  27. Hahaha Fabi was going to leave without getting his prize was extremely funny 🤣🤣

  28. Its funny they gave Magnus his two unprotected pawns he talked about yeaterday. As soon as he mentioned it i knew it was N,N,R in the corner im surprised Magnus even had to ponder it.

  29. the analysis board is so far from the live board that this is unwatchable.

  30. Honestly, they look like they're having so much fun in the prep. Like they get to discover the opening theory instead of playing well known lines. I'm really liking Chess960. It forces you to figure out how to coordinate your pieces instead of memorize openings. I'm glad Fischer and Magnus have pushed for it's adoption.

  31. Please, don't spoil the result in the title of the video!

  32. Amazing commentators and Niklas is excellent in this new role. You should change to title to remove the spoilers.

  33. They clearly dont read the comments. Spoiled the result in title, live board is still the smallest thing on the screen, uneccesary guy running the powerpoint board. I can't watch this anymore, just gonna stick to the youtube reviews of the match.

  34. Yup, it sucked big time they fu**ed up with the thumbnail!!!

    Still gonna give props to Jan, seems like quite the character 😅 But world need people like him who dare to be different and have visions. Big kudos

  35. Is the humiliation coming bundled with the prize?

  36. I love your stremas, but Please stop announcing the result in the title! It really spoils it for us who can't watch it live.

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