Crazyhouse Blitz Chess Tournament [198]

This is a speed chess (Crazyhouse) tournament (Kosintseva) I competed in on while livestreaming on . Time controls are 3 minutes per player with a 2 second increment. The tournament is 45 minutes long.



  1. only 5 games but you won them all. Another great video and lesson. Thanks

  2. imwaystart is in it to win it. He uses a sly trick of spamming moves to loss /victory very quickly / without much consideration until he gets 2 consecutive wins. So i guess the goal is to cycle quickly via losses till u find a crappy player

  3. exchanges are really exchanges in this variation

  4. This is bughouse, right? 4. NF6 must be considered a blunder, no?

    BxF7… NG6+ you're in a bit of trouble. King is cracked, with much trouble on horizon.

  5. You missed a mate in 2. At 6:23, you could have dropped Q@f3+, Ng3, blocking the check, then pawn@g4#!! I love how patient you are though. Just watch for those checkmates 😉

  6. 8:11: "Um, I should have had mate by now." For the record, you had mate 18 moves ago 😆😆😆

  7. You missed a huge fork in the first game, move 10, if you would have dropped the pawn on e2 you would have won the queen.

  8. no health better go to sleep not play chess

  9. Beautiful play and learning crazy house 🙂🙂

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