Crazyhouse Bullet Chess Tournament [184]

This is a bullet chess (Crazyhouse) tournament (Huang) I competed in on while livestreaming on . Time controls are 2 minutes per player and the tournament is 45 minutes long.



  1. I joined lichess only to play this game.   thx Jerry.

  2. Crazyhouse requires different strategy. Pawns and knights increase in relative importance in Crazyhouse, while rooks, queens, and bishops decrease in relative importance. If a king is put in check by any of the latter three pieces, from two or more squares away, dropping a pawn next to the king becomes defensively useful. A knight, on the other hand, cannot be blocked by anything and its offensive value is more manifest. That piece can be used effectively to maintain a strategic influence over a region. After an early exchange of queens, it is usually unwise to reintroduce the queen too soon, particularly if she can be harassed by dropped minor pieces. Careful preparation is needed in order to reintroduce the queen to maximum effect. Pawns could be dropped deep in the enemy position where, for example, they can fork pieces or give an uncomfortable check.

  3. I love how straight away he says "I'm going with this". So blunt 😀

  4. I loved crazy house scholar's mate! 😉

  5. 29:30 Wrong Queen Drop on e3, Q@f2 would have been mate with N@e3+ and Qxc2# to follow:)

  6. Everytime i hear the word "cooking" i have that blue meth in front of my eyes. I didn't even like the show.

  7. I love your commentating, you actually make chess very interesting

  8. I want to see AlphaZero play this variant of chess

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