Cube Fanatics Warzone Chess Tournament [35]

This is a chess tournament (Cube Fanatics) I competed in on while livestreaming on .Time controls are 1 minute per player, however with a time handicap they are adjusted according to both players’ ratings.


  1. I'm startin' to like seeing CaparoT1 in these tournaments 🙂

  2. ive been watching you for a while but i still havent figured it out… what's a fork hahah

  3. You/the other player COULD still be lagging lol.

  4. when does he stream? he's always offline when i go on his stream

  5. Why are there two caparot's? caparot1 and CaparoT1

  6. It's weird…in the chat his name has a capital T, but on the standings list @ the end it's lowercase. I assume it's him though, because he said "lucky I won the last one". Not sure..

  7. "the dark square traveller" had me in stitches

  8. I don't get it…Does that mean bishop captures D4? There's nothing at D4…

  9. Instead of taking with knight if he took with the bishop the queen has no escape.

  10. This time compensation is bullshit why isn't everyone on the same field? Just because you're good doesn't mean you should be handicapped.

  11. Holy shit these are some entertaining videos!

  12. Watching these older videos compared to current ones, Jerry you were one cocky SOB back then.

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