David Pakman’s Chess Tournament was a DISASTER!

Date streamed: 6/16/2020

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00:00 – Start
01:12 – Game 1: 1337 Elo
02:25 – Game 2: 1469 Elo
06:01 – Game 3: 1458 Elo
12:03 – Game 4: 1563 Elo
17:59 – Game 5: 1621 Elo
28:14 – Game 6: 1656 Elo
37:00 – Game 7: 1636 Elo
42:20 – Game 8: 1612 Elo
49:04 – Game 9: 1543 Elo
54:18 – Game 10: 1592 Elo
01:00:54 – Game 11: 1573 Elo
01:01:29 – Game 12: 1552 Elo
01:06:58 – Game 13: 1542 Elo
01:17:28 – Placing

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  1. what yer favorite opening? mine's the english

  2. Destiny was unwilling to calculate 2 moves deep in this debate.

  3. Idk if my comments are still being received or not so I'll try here, too. My documents on my new Google account I made when I factory reset my phone are now backing up offline and I can't turn this feature off. I have called the Salem and the Winchester police. If they will not go investigate Holli's address, I will hire a private investigator. I should not have to give up my privacy for the rest of my life just because I got involved with this POS you're all protecting. They are torturing me during the most painful period of my adult life so far and everyone is just enabling it.

  4. I mean seriously? Do documents seriously just start backing themselves up offline on all new Google accounts eventually even if you specifically turn that setting off? It's turned off on both of my accounts, it's still happening. how are any of us supposed to move on from the Holli shi*t until she leaves me alone?

  5. absolute garbage comment section in this debate

  6. Why did he do this shitty tourney instead of the big pogchamps one wtf.

  7. Your days are numbered editor and this isn’t helping

  8. I'm a better chess player than Destiny. I noticed all his mistakes immediately.

  9. lol that first person played you like a fiddle my doode

  10. I'm surprised he doesn't know how to mute browser tabs…or did he unironically want to play with the sounds?

  11. Alekhine wept.

    My aunt never got her rating over 1000, and her opening play was much better.

  12. Okay so I can see where and how she is accessing my account, but I can't do anything about it.

    Access Type [ ? ]
    (Browser, mobile, POP3, etc.) Location (IP address) [ ? ] Date/Time
    (Displayed in your time zone)
    Browser (Chrome) Show details * United States (OR) (2600:100f:b1b0:7cb:103a:c20f:691e:3648) 7:08 pm (1 minute ago)
    Mobile * United States (OR) (2600:100f:b1b0:7cb:103a:c20f:691e:3648) 7:07 pm (1 minute ago)

    Unknown United States (OR) (2600:100f:b1b0:7cb:103a:c20f:691e:3648) 7:06 pm (2 minutes ago)

    Unknown United States (OR) (2600:100f:b112:7525:58fa:9ed6:8edc:7a25) 6:52 pm (16 minutes ago)

    Unknown United States (OR) (2600:100f:b112:7525:58fa:9ed6:8edc:7a25) 6:52 pm (16 minutes ago)

    Unknown United States (OR) (2600:100f:b1b0:19a5:a7c8:c85f:2fba:fc1a) Jun 16 (1 day ago)

    Authorized Application (745476177629-7b5d8jjlirraihnaqhn7f2to6000imi2.apps.googleusercontent.com) Show details United States (OR) (2600:100f:b1b0:19a5:a7c8:c85f:2fba:fc1a) Jun 16 (1 day ago)

    When I follow up in this it says: 'You haven’t given any apps or services permission to access your Google Account. Learn more'

    Unknown United States (OR) (2600:100f:b1b0:19a5:a7c8:c85f:2fba:fc1a) Jun 16 (1 day ago)

    Mobile United States (OR) (2600:100f:b10e:7a64:6fe3:aea0:62e2:a9cb) Jun 7

    All of the the unknown access is Holli. Whatever isn't my mobile is Holli. How the f*ck do I get her out of my accounts??

  13. i subscribe for the debates but i stay for the chess

  14. This is the real Steve. I'm smitten all over again.

  15. i feel like every outro has been destiny screaming at pxie

  16. It's actually really cool that Destiny was able to consistently play against 1500s.

  17. If Destiny studied the history of chess I'm sure he'd do so much better.

  18. I'd watch this, minus the involuntary beatbox sections

  19. He could've literally won here. 57:16
    Bishop take pon
    Move rook back for mate
    Not a godstiny moment

  20. That was very entertaining to watch! 🙂

  21. Jesus that second game was a fucking mess on both ends lol

  22. Come oooon D….. Just go for twitch rivals chess maestro! You clappin voyboy and gg 830k price money babYY

  23. The editor even put the elo in the timestamps. Holy shit, this guy is great.

  24. What's more of a snoozefest than David Pakman? Playing chess with David Pakman 😂

  25. A spooker for the ages and the other player was black 😂😂😂

  26. I find people playing chess so entertaining more please

  27. When's Destiny going to play with Hikaru?

  28. Destiny obliterated all opening principles in this debate

  29. why timestamp destiny's elo, doesnt make sense. timestamp his oppo elo's

  30. Daivd Prickless is a disaster.

  31. 17:40 sounds a lot like the beginning part of Married to the unidentified OP

  32. this hurts my brains so much the last match, all the mistakes was so painful

  33. 54:20 Thanks for the game, Steven. I'm not an actual Lichess 1800 player, though. I played my first blitz games during the first David Pakman Show Arena Tournament, where most of us started with the default 1500 ELO, even though many DPS fans are beginners. Lichess saw I was beating a bunch of "1500"s, and calibrated me up to 1800. After some big losing streaks against non-DPS chess players I'm back down to 1600. This isn't a knock on DPS fans, by the way; actual Lichess 1500 players are better than your average just-for-fun chess players.

  34. What was Destiny on during this stream lmao

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