Difference between Men & Women World Champions 😟

In the opening ceremony of the World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship 2023, all the fans are taking selfies with Magnus while women’s champion Ju Wenjun stands aside and watches it painfully. Watch the snippet.

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  1. The womens world champion VS the GOAT OF CHESS!!

  2. Her rating is 2600, which is incredibly impressive. his is 2880

  3. Carlsen is the champion in Open section not Men. Women too can participate in Open and try to beat him.

  4. Ugly case. No matter how cool Magnus is, Women's World Chess Champion Ju Wenjun does not deserve to be treated this way. The organisers should not have allowed this inappropriate photocall to happen.

  5. Looks like a scene from desi wedding photoshoot

  6. Почём интересно свои фотографии будут продавать с Карлсоном?

  7. Nothing disrespectful about it, If it was a male player with her rating he wouldn't even get a chance to sit there …..Imagine a male player with 2550 rating, no one would have given a shit about the guy

  8. one is the greatest player ever to have played the game, the other is not even in the top 100 chess players at the moment. .. but feminists will still complain that it's not equal.

  9. Chess is not about Gender. That's why I respect a 2600 rated Womans world champion no more than any other 2600 Rated Player.

    When will people stop making everything about Gender?

  10. But she is more beautilful than most anyways! If I were Magnus I would try to pick her up by saying "according to FIDE the male and female champions must eat dinner together".

  11. Replace her with Ding liren, the current world champion and the result remains the same

  12. Best in the world which is obviously a male player 💪🏻

  13. Even women don't want a shot of women's champion!! 😮😮😮

  14. is it magnus love wen Jun so he react uncomfortable to her?

  15. Even the women does not want to take pictures with her. 😂😂😂

  16. Magnus is open category champion. There is no men category in chess.

  17. I wouldn't do that just for the respect of the women's world champion. this whole incident is so embarrassing.

  18. Try being at top for a decade . It's not man vs women it's genius vs ordinary

  19. This was so disrespectful. She should never have been asked to get up. They should have had Magnus get up and stand with there or elsewhere. Even if she was just an ordinary audience member..that was a trash move by all involved.

  20. He is not the men world champion. He is just world champion. women can be just world champion like him whenever if she can beat him. Even so they look so rude.

  21. Imagine of they're married, how strong the kid would be 😅

  22. To add something, if she played against him, I assume she loses on average.
    So if Magnus was with the 2nd or 3rd male best and people flocked to him only, it's not different than this.

  23. I mean who watches women tournaments? But i think she is cute hehe

  24. The difference is ju wenjun is women champion and Magnus Carlsen is World champion which includes both.

  25. It’s the difference between the winner of the NIT college basketball tournament and the NCAA champion.

  26. Every comment that downgrades her is pure jealossy… she still is a GM and has 2600 elo… more than anybody who comments here. The diffrence between her and Magnus is way smaller than between her and everybody who comments here.

  27. Should there be a women's division in chess? it's a level playing field because it's an intellectual sport; am I wrong? But the people in the video are so disrespectful, it's her seat ffs.

  28. You can see the difference between 2800+ and 2500+

  29. They didn't come because Magnus is a world champion…They are coming because he is a LEGEND…GOAT…popularity of Chess events boosts for his presence only..

  30. The deeply stupid and ignorant dichotomy men vs women that permeates every damn thing in our society nowadays. He's the best pf all time, that's the only thing happening.

  31. Que bom que ela levou na esportiva, até riu….

  32. Catchy vibs, but does Magnus still play chess? I heard he quit, so what's the point of all this exactly?!

  33. It would have been the same if it had been anyone else sitting next to Magnus, unless it was the ghost of Bobby Fischer. Then it would be like, Magnus who?

  34. It's just all about she is not expressive in chess community. Unlike nemo, botez and cramling they are streamers, that's why they're famous

  35. there is no men category for chess, just open category and the women one. An women can pick if they want to play in the open or women category.

  36. For the proponents of feminism in the comments; Magnus was 2600 Elo when he was 13 so the 300 Elo difference between him and her is not your biggest argument you just seem ignorant. Don't suggest nature vs nurture arguments either it just sounds like boring excuses in this day and age. Accept the truth that at the top levels women are just inferior at everything in comparison to men other than sexual attraction and raising children and it is just fine. It is no chain of coincidences or a conspiracy of aliens that the most appreciated people have always been and will always be some men. Also, I don't say that I am among those minority of super successful men.

  37. WTF, where is the real 17th world champion ding liren? Oh come on what is the meaning of this don't tell me that magnus still the same as a world champion

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