Ding Liren Just Shocked The Chess World

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  1. Magnus Carlsen didn’t play this year. Asterisk.

  2. he looks like jerry gao and he makes chess videos

  3. Jesus loves you all, He died for you all, accept Jesus and be saved today, repent from sin and believe in Jesus. Only Jesus can save you from sin and hell.

  4. Nepo was asking for the draw but Ding didn't and self pinned his rook. Nepo broke down after that and stress took over. Seeing him like that hurts, man.

  5. I am more shocked how little he played afterwards

  6. Now Gukesh will be next wc. Wait and watch

  7. and the game was titled by the greatest man "Self-pinning for immortality"

  8. there will always an asian better than you

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