Ding Liren Post Round 3 Interview | Tata Steel Chess Tournament

Watch Ding Liren’s post round interview after he drew his game against Magnus Carlsen.

See you in Wijk aan Zee 💙.

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  1. My fav for his game and also for his humbleness.

  2. Ding is one of the few people in the world that is one of the top in their field and being 100% genuinely humble

  3. His English is improved vastly. One of the most consistent player after Carlsen in modern chess history.

  4. I'm wondering if there's anyone in the world who has ever been mad at Ding? I'm also wondering what prison that person is in??

  5. When he puts his mind to.. he is a monster.. remember the candidates.. he lost his first game.. changed the chair.. ended up runner up to candidates.. he is for sure going to win wc.. i just hope nepo does not behave weird like he did last time..

  6. It’s so nice to hear Liren in post game interviews. Didn’t go his way this tournament, so perhaps he didn’t feel like being interviewed. Wishing him a lot of focus going forward.

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