Ding’s London System | Game 6 | Ding Liren vs Nepo | World Championships 2023

What a FIDE World Championship Match we are having on our hands! One decisive game after another. After leading the match 3-2, Ian Nepomniachtchi was looking in great form. Ding Liren came to the board confused about which opening he should try and he opened with 1.d4 and very soon we witnessed the London System – an opening that has been tried for the first ever time in a World Championship Match. The game was extremely exciting and it was a decisive one. Who came out on top and what were the many intricacies that this game witnessed – check it out in this video with the analysis of IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. What a beautiful explanation …i enjoyed it ..i loved it🎉🎉

  2. Thats what it sounds like when a call centre analyse a game 😂

  3. Bro i want to sugget to improve your thamnaail and be regular with videos of world Championship

  4. Your analysis was on point. Indians are the best.

  5. Can anyone please tell me which theme and which software is he using?

  6. Ding is a Humble Guy He's a Genius aswell he's moves are Insane🔥

  7. You are such a great commentator leaps and bounds above the likes of Gotham chess and Eric Rosen. Such a straight forward and in depth analysis. Thanks for the amazing content❤

  8. Why you are capturing the seemingly wrong way? Any sense, or just to be special?
    Best regards and thank you for your nice video 🙂

  9. Why is samay raina not playing in this tournament?

  10. Had a great time here!!
    thanks for this video!

  11. extremely nice analysis Sagar , really enjoyed it.

  12. I watched the press conference, I think Ding didnt said magnus is more professional I think he said magnus is more perfectionist. I think he wanted to say Magnus is more perfect compared to them and hence when he plays the results is most often one sided. And I think this is really something to think about in a game like chess.

  13. Anyone missing magnus ? Dude is on another level….he would've never blundered like either of them..😢
    Dang…the excitement is killed…and we're not getting top level chess

  14. I was going for Nepo to win. But his attitude during post game made me feel better about a Ding victory.

  15. Saakar (साकार) Chess Ambarnath says:

    Nepo would be afraid of playing Game 6 in WCC in future!🤣

  16. Wo ding liren h na
    Ki ding legen correct yourself

  17. What is the arena Sagar is talking about at ~ 4:30 ? How to be part of chess base India and play in arenas like that ?

  18. Last match Ding told this loss hurts me more than the previous loss and the reporter was asking him again what he heard was right… Ding open minded and very honest… no ego and hence his brain is working perfectly during the match to find insane mating patterns ❤🥰

  19. Andrew Tate plays London system most of the time (before his arrest). This may have contributed to it's fame.

  20. Sagar you need to check Vantika and Pranav's recent matches. They both have played great lately and have gained a lot of elo pts too.

  21. Nepo have tried to make counter attack bravely but unfortunately he was failed. Ding successfully managed to make a mating net so brilliant by placing d5 and h5 with very good coordination with queen, rook and knight. What a great game by Ding.

  22. What Ding intended by 'professional' is creativity can take over engine lines.

  23. Games are not up to the mark without magnus

  24. You are correct Ding is very Humble

  25. Mr Sagar Shah, when we can expect Delhi system in Chess ? 😀

  26. Visual treat!! Can’t agree more….d5!!

  27. Best Analysis by Sagar Sir ❤ tysm for wonderful explanation with all possible moves.

  28. Can any one explain me the reason y Magnus did not play as defending champion and how ding was chosen not nakamura

  29. when i saw the final position where Nepo gave up, i thought the black king could easily escape, because white rook kept black from queening – but no, white had such a perfect timing, also i did not see that d5 pawn would block the black king.. great.

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