Ding’s London System | Game 6 | Ding Liren vs Nepo | World Championships 2023

What a FIDE World Championship Match we are having on our hands! One decisive game after another. After leading the match 3-2, Ian Nepomniachtchi was looking in great form. Ding Liren came to the board confused about which opening he should try and he opened with 1.d4 and very soon we witnessed the London System – an opening that has been tried for the first ever time in a World Championship Match. The game was extremely exciting and it was a decisive one. Who came out on top and what were the many intricacies that this game witnessed – check it out in this video with the analysis of IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. we are missing the coverage from Astana though

  2. What a checkmate finish,if only nepo would have let him finish it.

  3. I hope Nepo strikes back tomorrow…
    But respect for the interview side of Ding

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