District Level Chess Tournament


  1. Sir taluka level ae chess ma price ketli made?

  2. Hardwork can be seen on the board and richness on the clock

  3. some of these boards should be at a museum.

  4. Chess sasta game hai Jayda kharchila nahi hai

  5. I played from school under 13 ch sambhaji nagar district level 2nd champion 🏆 🥇 😊

  6. Bhai isse acha Mera school ka regional tournament tha

  7. How to apply sir… I have very intrest to play chess

  8. I want play chess tournament..i from tamilnadu

  9. Iam nishanthika Kannan your videos are really super upload more chess videos

  10. Distic me kha hone wala hi chess tournament kase PTA kare sor

  11. Too bad they still believe masks are doing anything. Oh wait it's India of course they are

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