Double Triumph for team AAI | National Team Chess Championship 2023

Team AAI dominated both the MPL 42nd National Team Chess Championship-2023 and the MPL 20th National Team Chess Championship for Women 2023. In the open section, AAI played their last two matches with just three players and still managed to clinch the championship. In the women’s section, it was total domination as they whitewashed their opponent six times out of the seven matches that they played. In the video, we catch up with some of the team members and get to know their experience of the tournament.

Video: Aditya Sur Roy / ChessBase India

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  1. To make them kneel down is bizarre really.. 🤷

    Players should be respected more

  2. Divya and Vantika should win against International top players as well

    We have only Humpy and Harika really trying to raise our Indian flag at the International level

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