Easy Chillin’ – Chess Tournament Part 2

After Saturday night’s lengthy first round, we need to come back Sunday for the finale. (Streamed Sep 5, 2021)

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  1. Huber and Brad in the back really made it worth waiting with this for the next day, really helped set the mood and made it more enjoyable

  2. Where were you when you saw the Easy Allies Royal Fork?

  3. Chess with Jason commentating is amazing, similar vibes to Huber commentating the WWE Smackdown game, actually – haha! Fun to see one expert enjoying watching noobs try to do something and everyone's giving their full effort.

  4. Damiani. A stone cold cheater.
    Amazing game, absolutely need more of this.

  5. Didn’t you forget about “Soviet Strike” and “Nuclear Strike”? I did like Desert, Soviet and Jungle the best

  6. Ooooh, that was definitely an illegal Knight move at 49:08 to pressure the King that might have decided the finale!
    Incredible fun regardless, though 😀

  7. Please make this a weekly show. I just discovered this and i love it. I love the tension and jason at commentary… so good!

  8. Jason commentating a chess game between you and your friends should be a Patreon tier

  9. This was a fun little tournament. I think it would be fun to have the contestants trash talk while playing.

  10. I love these chess streams. Props for the setup and the easy to follow and entertaining commentary!
    So many potential shirt slogans. "I want to see the fork." "I don't love this move." "Computer accurate."

  11. i would give this video two thumbs up if i could. please keep doing the chess tournaments! chess f***s !! 😀

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