Round 8 - Blitz

Round 8 results and cumulative ranking


85 players from 20 different countries participated in this eighth round of the second "FRANCOPHONIE DJERBA" Blitz tournament which has 10 in total.


Remember that only players who have identified themselves via the registration form are accepted into the tournament. It is still possible to do this at any time.


Indian MF Suthandram MANU DAVID won this eighth round with a fine score of 56 points, ahead of his direct pursuer in the general classification by 9 points, French GM Christian BAUER. They played 4 games against each other in this eighth round, Suthandram MANU DAVID won 3 and they drew a draw.

By adding up the points obtained by all participants in the first 8 rounds, Suthandram MANU DAVID leads with 370 points and took a serious option on the final victory.


The next stage will take place on Saturday August 29 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. (THIS)


Podium Round 8:

1. FM Suthandram MANU DAVID (UnknowSuperGM) - India - 56 points

2. GM Christian BAUER (PierrotDeCastelnau) - France - 47 points

3. Emilio PROFILI - (France) 40 points


Cumulative ranking after round 8:

1. FM Suthandram MANU DAVID (UnknowSuperGM) - India - 370 points

2. GM Christian Bauer (PierrotDeCastelnau) - France - 351 points

3. Mohamed Arrami (mohammedarrami) - Morocco - 257 points