Fabiano Caruana Post Round 2 Interview | Tata Steel Chess Tournament

Fabiano Caruana drew his game against Abdusattorov in the second round of the tournament. Watch his post round interview.

See you in Wijk aan Zee 💙.

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  1. You can see him try to put his hand through is hair multiple times. I don't think he remembered that he cut it lol.

  2. Bro looks like that nerd in high school that is always bullied

  3. Didn’t hear a thing he said in this interview. Was just thinking about the hair!

  4. Good grief, it’s just a haircut. He went to a barber in Spain and said do whatever. Apparently this is news to a lot people but hair gets cut every day and wait for it… it grows back. It won’t even look the same by the end of the tournament. And someday he’ll even (gasp!) cut it again!
    Y’all really need to get out more if you’re that thrown off by a haircut. But if past precedent is any indication, the topic will be run into the ground ad nauseam. 🙄

  5. Would be great if there was an overlay or something to show us the moves he's talking about in the video. Most of us are too lazy to pull up the scoresheet and follow along that way.

  6. Fabi's haircut, maybe he was tired of having his hair compared to Magnus's.

  7. He looks like a typical hacker to me but he is a great chess player no question about

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