Fabiano Caruana Post Round 3 Interview | Tata Steel Chess Tournament

Fabiano Caruana won his game against Jorden van Foreest in the 3rd round. Watch his post round interview.

See you in Wijk aan Zee 💙.

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  1. I Didn't know Mark Zuckerberg play chess

  2. Looks a bit like one of those hairless dogs

  3. "don't worry, short hair Fabiano doesn't exist"

    Short hair Fabiano:

  4. He got his hair cut in Spain and doesn’t speak much Spanish! Well played Fabi

  5. Fabi seems like such a nice guy and I love watching his games.

  6. Love Fabi..you hardly see him go for a boring draw in classical. Always fighting to a fault. He had a slump last 2 years because he was always trying to play complex positions

  7. Фаби с этой прической похож на Ходора на зоне )

  8. Very convincing victory!…….
    But I hope that we get to see some 'God Level' prep win in the upcoming rounds, truely in Fabi's style.

    Its difficult but Fabi has done it from time to time and its always a pleasure to see that happen!

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