Fabiano Caruana vs R Praggnanandhaa | An Insane Endgame | World Blitz 2023

In the eighteenth round of the World Blitz Championship 2023, the world no. 2 GM Fabiano Caruana (2815) was up against the Indian super-talent GM R Praggnanandhaa. Watch the super-exciting game between the two top players and see what happens.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Magnus rated Fabio Caruna as his greatest classical oppponent, correct?
    That is the ultimate compliment worth at least 2850 Elo points considering that he has had Karpov, Kasparov, and Vishy as opponents, all world champions multiple times. Also Kramnik, though not in a WC match.

  2. At 7:05, I input the put position in stockfish 15 and it showed +0.63 advantage to white, so Prag had great position till that but some inaccuracies after that.

  3. At 9:14 Prag moved N-A6 which was mistake according to SF 15.1 giving white an advantage of +3.50 after Q-G6. Better move for Black was N-D5.

  4. When pragg is serious,no chance of winning to fab

  5. Why did Pragg Resign ? Can anyone Explain?

  6. That was a good game I didn’t even see that rook to E2 . I was thinking of taking the pawn with either queen or rook

  7. ليش خله ملك الابيض على الأبيض والأسود كذلك بوسط الرقعه

  8. Pragg just needs to play a lot of blitz he usually gets nervous during less time controls.
    He can beat anyone Im just waiting to see him taking the throne

  9. Magnus is on a tier of his own, but the only one whose close is Fabi

  10. Isn't pragg india no.1? or his rating still below vishy anand?

  11. the candidates gonna be a mouth watering event with pragg at his peak performance

    the good thing is he doesnt have to worry about sponsorship anymore and can fully focus on his game

    with the extra money incoming he can afford the best seconds,trainees and engines

    obviously fabi is the favourite but we never know ! 😀

  12. Prag lost because of time pressure, Hardluck. You played well Champ🧡

  13. They say that every time Fabiano changes which hand he's resting his chin on, a GM gets his wings.

  14. If it would have been a Rapid or a Classic game surely Prag would have won!….

  15. most people watching, underestimate how strong Caruana truly is…

  16. Imagine being Caruana. The second greatest chess player of all time, completely obfuscated by the GOAT, Magnus Carlsen. Such an unlucky guy.

  17. Qd6 by black was a bad blunder but psychologically Pragg wanted to get out of the annoying pin but out of the frying pan into the fire!

  18. Damn! That rook blunder at the end was intense…

  19. Last time pragga makes a mistake 😱

  20. Caruana is the only one who could (and maybe still can) reach magnus ' level in classical

  21. What's the reason for not pushing f5 while the rook was stuck between the knight and d6?

  22. I love the humor in your videos.

  23. Caruana sees that one extra move beyond Pragg.

  24. Did you know Pragg shares his birthday with the man whom he is named after? Swami Prajnanananda is a Kriya meditation master also born on August 10. If Pragg learned meditation from Prajnananda I guarantee he would be the best.

  25. Fabi just needs to let that fro grow to epic proportions. And he could start storing his Chess pieces in it.

  26. That was very cleverly played by Caruana near the end. You watch the bar go down with that rook move and you wonder … but he knew exactly what he was doing.

  27. I like how Black is better even before the game begins 😆

  28. sustained precision created overwhelming pressure. caruana is persistent.

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