Fabulous Fabiano vs Pragmatic Pragg | FIDE World Cup Semi-Finals | Commentary by Sagar

With a live rating of 2791, world no.2 Fabiano Caruana has very few holes in his game. He is quite a complete player. He attacks vehemently when needed, plays precise positional chess, and calculates perfectly when needed. How was 18-year-old Pragg going to fare against the fabulous Fabiano? Well check out their first classical game from the semi-finals of the FIDE World Cup 2023 along with the commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Very interesting comment! As ever! Thanks you.

  2. Fabiano Caruana make me disappointed, cause in the good chance, he don't forward his pawn, therefore praggnananda can make the position was draw

  3. How semi final winner will be decided? I mean how many points or matches win is needed?

  4. Caruna could have easily won. Very strange !!

  5. Fabiano could promote the king why he draw the game

  6. Well played both.. but fabi unnecessarily kept on playing .. it isn’t like he was going to win this end game anyways.. he was up against Pragg

  7. The fact that Pragg managed to pull a draw in a 4 vs 3 pawn rook endgame against the current world no. 2 while Kasparov had lost while he was the world no.1 is crazy!!!

  8. Instead of Qxd3, Caruana had Ng6+ in-between

  9. I am new to chess. wanted to ask what are they writing after every move?

  10. Around 20:00 both players' body language showed: disappointment in Caruana, relief in Praghananda

  11. Fabi is the engineer of chess and he looks like an engineer too!

  12. The endgame with the commentry is really interesting.I lost so many games being down a pawn,Only because I am impatient and can't play those waiting moves with rook.I always find ways to exchange the rook and lose the pawn endgame.

  13. Too me this was just a book game no dynamic play or genius innovation like Tal or Fisher just plain boring

  14. I don’t know anything about chess, but this commentator is fire

  15. The commentator is the Tony Greig of chess!!!

  16. U R not not making a commentary about a match on radio where u have to explain everything in detail to viewers. Too much commentary is irritating here where the viewer can see what is happening.👎

  17. What do they keep writing? Why do they need to write down all moves? Gets really boring

  18. Prag fought like a warrior for our country 🇮🇳.

  19. Thank you for the commentary. Otherwise we would be left wondering why certain pieces are moved for no reason.

  20. One pawn and King against oppenent's lone king cannot be checkmated?

  21. Caruana such a Chad. Instead of repeating moves with the king guarding the pawn into a known draw by repetition he just say F the pawn and moved away from it to end the draw quicker.

  22. Magnus Carlson kept getting up from his game to come over and watch this game. Guess he felt confident about his own game.

  23. Why does he give up his pawn to Pragg at the end? (when he could have continued)

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