Family Man Of Chess ❤️ #shorts


  1. He was born in Nepal and from Nepal none knows

  2. I thought he's also one of the young prodigies!!!

  3. "Brilliant cake" reminds me of Johnny depp mocking "mega pint."

  4. kudos to soppiko, anish manages all this chess plus family time because he has a strong supporter and partner like her… wish them forever happy married live

  5. Congrats Anish giri.."The Artist"😊

  6. Who would say may that he married in his childhood 😅

  7. Magnus must not be there…( about the result) ..

  8. why are you advertising as a family man he is a good chess player. So, treat him as a player, don't encourage others to get family.

  9. Chess is supposed to be a game of strategy. This gentleman and dad beat everyone not at chess, but at life. He might not be the BEST chess player, but right now, he is the HAPPIEST GM chess player.

    That’s called a gambit!

  10. Bro is suffering from great success 😅😅

  11. Anish Giri will be world champion. Mark my words

  12. But now he is also known as the Annoying Thief

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