Fatality (1980) vs Celentano (1964). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. Os segundos no relógio passam de uma forma estranha.

  2. Deve ser muito gostoso a sensação de jogar em um tabuleiros desses

  3. 1 a4, a5. They had to concert to open this way.

  4. If not by time, I wonder if she could have actually checkmated him

  5. New too chess;i thought the numbers were their birthdays for some reason …

  6. How can he play after that handshake at the start😅

    Let me go and watch it

  7. Hand shake gambit……. Btw i would’ve fallen for that gambit for sure 😂

  8. Did they hook up or something? The awkward handshake, looking at each other, smiling, etc.

  9. めっちゃ目合わせるやん。カップル見てるみたい

  10. could anyone explain what is the final result and why?

  11. En el minuto 8:27 En vez de posicionar el rey en d6 (negras) ¿Era mejor amenasar al rey oponente con el alfil?

  12. هسة نركز عالنقلات علة جمالج ما ندري

  13. Вообще 1:12 она тронула ладью и должна была ходить ею, а сходила в итоге ферзём

  14. Я всегда подозревал, что эти сестра где-то берут уроки психологического воздействия.

  15. There are a lot of tension on board…

  16. The fact that this guy was able to concentrate at all with all these glances from her is respectable

  17. Молодец всю игру атаковала, парень в защите сидел или отступал

  18. Guys, who won the game, the boy or the girl? I couldn't see the chess pieces clearly at the end of the game.

  19. безалаберная игра черных!!!

  20. She didn't go for the intercontinental ballistic missile gambit? Strange… She's equiped with some ballistics…
    -Luis Sera

  21. It was a draw since it started. They were flirting other than playing chess

  22. There is honestly so much chemistry here anyone else sense it? She definitely has a big crush on him I think he likes her too he's just trying to hide it and play well 😂🥰

    They are so cute together ❤️

  23. Парень играл в конце не брежно. Такие напрягают. Молодой, а не в состоянии поставить фигуру нормально на клетку.

  24. 1964го года, а как сохранился!

  25. Well that starting game handshake was something…

  26. Its funny how she tries to distract him, because by looking at her, he could do exactly the same. She could think, that is something wrong with her appearance 🙂

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