Fatality (1980) vs Celentano (1964). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. What kind of opening that is…
    Drop dead gorgeous ladies shouldn't be allowed to play chess.. It's unfair

  2. Did you upload wrong video? They don't look that old.

  3. Fatality Handshake costs opponent 25 rating points. 🖐🏼 🤎 🌺 – j q t –

  4. 10 seg, nunca acaba, assim e mole, fica mais longa que uma de rapidas!!


  6. Le the boy: eyes chico eyes they destroy everything 😂

  7. A menina o deixou nervoso rs Excelentes jogadores!

  8. disgusting roastie trying to distract a teen boy by being a whore in front of him

  9. He already lost after the handshake 😢

  10. How do you even focus on game while playing against such beauty?!

  11. If you girl's have period that doesn't mean you can seduce to anyone

  12. The greatest one move mate in chess history

  13. Fatality should had been disqualified. She destroyed Celetano with that handshake 😊

  14. Aduh vatality, tumben pakaian nya ga jaya pecatur.;? Oh ya masih remaja.

  15. where can i get this type of chess set

  16. She needs a nap. She is holding back yawns.

  17. Se le stringeva la mano con la stessa energia del 12.43 a questo punto si erano sposati

  18. Notice the difference between the shakehand she gave him at the start and the one she gave him after she is finished with him women pigs!

  19. Wow I would have a hard time concentrating if I was playing against her. She is beautiful. But that was a very unusual opening she started with.

  20. I've watch many (mostly) of her plays and this guy only received that sign (for me) hand shake, and the look.. man if i were that guy I'd melt like an ice cream in an instant… but the guy there has that focused mind, bro sometimes you must take a bite of those signs lol…

  21. Bu Ad Vergisi Ödenmedigi İçin Silinmiştir. says:

    😢 biraz hızlı oynada kazanıcaktı

  22. The girl comes horny from starting 😂

  23. My opponents don't usually shake my hand like that… 😅

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