FIDE Candidates 2024 FINAL RD: Can Gukesh Be The Youngest Winner? Or Will Hikaru, Ian, Fabiano Win?

The FIDE Candidates is the biggest classical chess tournament of the year! Hikaru, Pragg, Caruana, Nepomniachtchi, and more will fight in a double round-robin for the right to challenge Ding Liren in the 2024 World Chess Championship, and for their share of the €500,000 prize fund.

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  1. Top coment should not be a spoiler, pleace vote up!

  2. Anybody have link to the final outro music as the commentators do the final wrap up ?thanks in advance

  3. 3:3:32 here Ian would walk into a pin


    Nice freestyle

  4. I wish the games were analysed live without the engine or evaluation bar for help. Maybe then some of us can appreciate how great these players are

  5. Please someone explain at 5:29:50 why is qb2 not the best move instead of ka7. With qb2 its a win for black right?

  6. Poor coverage. The screen layout is awful. Very confusing. No information is really accessible in a reasonable amount of perception time. Why was it changed from the excellent layout that was used in previous tournaments? Only Danny Rensch and perhaps Robert really get how commentary should be done. Most of us are quite intelligent, but we are not neurodivergent chess phenoms. The analysis was way too fast and did not focus enough on the basics of the position. There is no point to rattle off variations as fast as only an IM can follow. Naroditsky actually said on his Twitch channel that Danny and ? said it should be "dumbed down". That is idiotic and insulting and deserving of correction. I doubt Danny used those words. Even if he did, to repeat it that way is unprofessional and out of touch. We are all smart enough to understand any line if it is expressed clearly. Failure of communication is usually the fault of the speaker. And, come on, all male commentators?! Any of the usual female commentators would have been better than some of you. This coverage need not be directed at other GM's. They will do their own analysis. And yes, human aspects ARE important.

  7. Congratulations ❤❤❤ and All of Indian players, like ur Super Master Visszzy

  8. I feel bad for fabi, Ian and Hikaru
    They were all close.

  9. Biased commemtary. Quite unenjoyable when you have only American commentators and theyre obviously rooting for the american players and disregarding the others. Commentators are commentators, not there to act like nationalists and scream no when a non-american player makes a good move or an American fumbles. Quite ruined the experience for all the non-American viewers to have to watch from such a biased view point…

  10. Really wish the commentators had just stayed quiet after the Fabi Ian draw. Such unnecessary dialogue, I just wanted to hear them talk

  11. Indian's deserve nothing…they are always harassing other religions in their country specially muslims ….what ever you do you won't be a goob man Indian's👎

  12. I wish the commentary would stop when the players discuss the game at the end, it would be so fruitful to hear their first thoughts!

  13. That h4 by ian need to have a different category for Super dooper Brilliancy

  14. Fabi-Ian was one hell of a game! I'm still in my feels from the emotional rollercoaster.

  15. Womens tournament should be canceled. Heres why:
    1)open tournament exists in which women can participate
    2)2500 rated man will not earn anything whereas 2500 rated female players are playing in candidates lol
    3) judit polgar was the only good female player to ever exist, why? Coz she played in open

  16. A round of applause for Fabi and Ian might not be worth the candidates title. But it comes close. Very close. Respect.

  17. Fabi versus Nepo, one of the most gripping games I have seen. Long may they both continue.

  18. Strange that the top three veterans tie for second place. wild competition

  19. Danny laughing at Qh9 is the moment of the day!

  20. "Chess is an exciting game. Very often, when very close to winning or saving the game, famous grandmasters miss golden opportunities and totally fail." – Draw! The Art of the Half-Point. in Chess by Leonid Verkhovsky (foreword by Mikhail Tal)

    I hope Fabi can take some comfort from the fact that he is far from the only world-class grandmaster to suffer an epic fail. The man is in good company.

    gg to Gukesh, the D stands for Deserving. And well played to all of the candidates; warriors and legends all.

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