FIDE Candidates 2024 Rd 11 | Hikaru, Pragg, Fabiano All Half A Point Away From Leaders Ian & Gukesh!

The FIDE Candidates is the biggest classical chess tournament of the year! Hikaru, Pragg, Caruana, Nepomniachtchi, and more will fight in a double round-robin for the right to challenge Ding Liren in the 2024 World Chess Championship, and for their share of the €500,000 prize fund.

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  1. Don't let Tania into the stream again. You lose 15% of viewers to FIDE stream every time she opens her mouth

  2. It was a gd game bt commentator ruined the day for chess fan.

  3. Been calling that Ian would win since the beginning just saying

  4. Vidit’s loss gave unnecessary advantage to Nepo and spoiled chances of Gukesh. Now Nepo will not let it slip. Such a useless talent

  5. Cant believe Vidit bottled it . He was in such a good position , the least he could have done was to hold Nepo ( if not win ). Fooked Hikaru's chances 4 times already 😂

  6. Play one blunder and play 4 great moves to have 95 % accuracy. Ian is the beast.

  7. indians been taken to school today by big boyz

  8. Those dots on your head wont save you Vidit. 😂

  9. Bad day for Indian players. Vidit should have taken or rather gone for that drawing line with his knight attacking Nepo's bishop. That seemed forcing enough. Because at that stage he was in a very tough spot. That a pawn and Nepo's rook cemented on the b file. It was always going to be risky. In the end that pawn decided the game. Ofcourse the c pawn in reality but it happened because Vidit had to go grab the a pawn with his king. That was like a guaranteed loss, not sure why he did that.

  10. Good chess. Great commentary. Chat was super toxic, maybe next time there should be more moderation.

  11. Nice to see Nepo winning the candidates and then losing to Ding once again, making him the only player missing out the WC title thrice.

  12. It is hard sometimes. You work for it, you deserve to win, you get so close, your opponent gets lucky a few times and manage to survive and then you blow it up and lose. Unfortunately, this stuff happens not only in sport but in life over and over, if you don't finish the job when you have the chance you will pay the price.

  13. The level of the games are so much higher than Tania ability to commentary…. She is a good commentator but not for this tournament she is almost always wrong

  14. The King of Chaos- Vidit & The Plot Armour – Nepo staying true to their Titles.
    Gukesh and Hikaru need to pull off some magic if they are to hold Nepo back. The last three rounds is where insanity takes over.

  15. Tania killed it with the prediction today. Not just the number of decisive games but on which board they happened as well

  16. magnus prediction so accurate expect for nepo and guikash

  17. Hope Nepo wins candidates, and gets revenge on Ding, to prove Magnus wrong.

  18. Man. It's sad that finally we get to see alireza shine and it's only against the lowest seed
    Feels like all the preps he made was just too shallow and the spells got broken by the other top players there

    It feels like he is almost giving up chess too but I hope he doesn't

    Edit: so sad for Vidit 🙁

  19. Daniel Naroditsky should also be there for commentary

  20. Vidit gives nepo 2 pts while take 2 pts from hikaru. 😂

  21. Nepo has two strong players breathing down his neck. This will keep everyone at the edge of their seats.

  22. I couldn’t stop watching until 2am for the Nepo-Vivit game. Great commentariat team. Congrats!

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