FIDE Candidates 2024 Rd 12 | Ian Faces Pragg’s Prep! Hikaru, Fabiano, Gukesh Caught In 3-Way Battle!

The FIDE Candidates is the biggest classical chess tournament of the year! Hikaru, Pragg, Caruana, Nepomniachtchi, and more will fight in a double round-robin for the right to challenge Ding Liren in the 2024 World Chess Championship, and for their share of the €500,000 prize fund.

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  1. if Hikaru had not lost to that bullshit Vidit,he would have clearly won the candidates till now

  2. Everyone wants to see Hikaru ! Lets go Hikaru !!! My heart is forGukesh tho 🙂

  3. I called Gukesh is the dark horse of the tourney

  4. 3:30:15 "muy complicado" from David aajaajajajajjajaajajajajajaj

  5. When u watch a tournament without magnus…. U realize how insane that Norwegian guy was… Literally no one can come close to him

  6. Fabi is too nice a guy to win the candidates. He needs to trash talk a bit to shake up his opponents as nice guy normally does not win.

  7. Rooting for a Nepo win so that he could challenge Ding and be the 1st player in history to miss being WC thrice.

  8. if magnus is not defending, who cares these guys would not be true "world champions"

  9. Petition for Leko in the last 2 rounds. Hess, Danya and Leko would be ideal for me

  10. Polgar is certainly an improvement on sachdev/houska/shahade, she can speak english and she can play chess.

  11. Vidit didnt recover from nepo loss, his face was telling during fabi game,

  12. I still feel sad for gukesh that aleriza game he lost due to time if if he won, he would he would lead by 1point by now 😢😢😢😢 , so sad thinking about it, if gukesh sit alone he will regret

  13. It is amazing how clear Judith sees the game. Like she doesn't even have to calculate. She does just see the right human move to win or defend. With Leko Or Naroditsky, it seems more haphazard deep calculation.

  14. A request : make Peter Leko a permanent member of your commentary team. Polgar also is very good and interesting. Have the two of them on all days.

  15. Man what a shame alireza faced Hikaru at this point
    I feel like his play style is countered very well by Hikaru and now with that win it's just made the tournament more boring 🙁

  16. Petition to have Judith as commentator for round 13 and 14th

  17. Judith is a beast, it is fantastic to see how she finds ideas and tactics in every position. Love it when she is in the panel!

  18. So good that Dickey Betts was remembered with today's first move !

  19. gukesh is the only Indian that can win the tournament. According to the calculation pragg,vidit,abasov,firouzja have literally 0 chance at winning the tournament(including pragg bcs of the pairings as either of the tournament leaders will gain enough points to reacch 8.5 and as the maximum nunber of points that can be gained by pragg can be 8. Guki and naka will play in the last round and ian and naka will play in the 13th round)

  20. Н.Аббасов мог уступить место ВЕЙ.И или Н.Абдусатторову.
    12 партии ни одной позиции с преимуществом??? Очень жаль его игра совсем не идёт.

  21. Thank you Magnus for allowing others to be World Champion …👏

  22. The young guys are not ready to take down the older guys.maybe in a few more years.

  23. Hikaru-Firouzja was too much for my brain

  24. With this Hikaru is for me, already one of the GOATS

  25. It sounds like they're suspecting Gukesh the way they talk about his plays.

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