FIDE Candidates 2024 Rd 9 | Gukesh v Pragg & Ian v Alireza! Hikaru Tries To Keep Momentum v Vidit!

The FIDE Candidates is the biggest classical chess tournament of the year! Hikaru, Pragg, Caruana, Nepo, and more will fight in a double round-robin for the right to challenge Ding Liren in the 2024 World Chess Championship, and for their share of the €500,000 prize fund.

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  1. thats it then Nepo is obviously beating Chokesh and wins again, truly the Candidate of all time 😴

  2. Coverage was ok. All the games were covered fairly well. Still missing Leko.

  3. Can we mute this Tania and let Judith and Robert do the talking. And bring Peter Leko back!

  4. Am i dreaming or what the heck is happening. Take a bow to Vidit !

  5. It’s just funny about Magnus thought about Indians in the Tier List.

  6. If I were vidit, my heart won't be able to take this tournament. The amounts of ups and downs he has faced this candidates is just insane. Like bruh 6 decisive games out of 9 in this level.

  7. “The Hikaru”??
    If any current top player should have their name on Nf3-b3 opening it’s Radjabov.

  8. Vidit has come a long way from his king sacrifice vs hikaru

  9. Greetings from Vancouver. Very much enjoyed following the matches with this trio and Ms sachdev commentary. Her energy is contagious and keeps this newbie invested in the games

  10. Vidit was one of the players who mostly draw, but in the tournament he has the least draws. Wonderful

  11. “I am your father.” – Darth Vidit

    “Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!” – Hikaru Nakamurawalker

  12. Pragg is by far most skilled as shown again and again

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