FIDE Candidates 2024 | Round 3 | Prag, Vidit, Gukesh, Vaishali, Humpy | Live: Harshit Samay Amruta

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Join us live as chess history unfolds in Toronto, Canada! The 2024 Candidates Tournament brings together the world’s top players, vying for a shot at the prestigious World Championship title. Witness intense battles and strategic masterpieces as these chess elite compete in a thrilling double round-robin format. Don’t miss a moment of the action as the Great Hall becomes the battleground for this epic clash of minds. Tune in now and be part of the excitement!

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Pairings- Round 3:

Nijat Abasov – Hikaru Nakamura
Alireza Firouzja – Fabiano Caruana
Gukesh D – Ian Nepomniachtchi
Vidit Santosh Gujrathi – Praggnanandhaa R

Anna Muzychuk – Kateryna Lagno
Lei Tingjie – Aleksandra Goryachkina
Vaishali Rameshbabu – Nurgyul Salimova
Humpy Koneru – Tan Zhongyi

Round 1:

Round 2:

Video: ChessBase India

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    -SAGAR SHAH (2024)

  2. Pridiction…. Pragg will win FIDEA 2024

  3. Yesterday samay was making fun of magnus list 😂😂😂. See now what happened 😂

  4. Only pragg and vaishali won

    Else draw

  5. India might face a cannibalistic defeat in this tournament 😢

  6. Anand noted deferred Schliemann by Pragg today is something Surya (VD’s second) plays a lot recently- so being unprepared for this must be hurting VD and his team a lot! It’s like having an obvious ammunition and not using it. Pragg’s POV it’s like striking the enemy with the enemy’s artillery 🤌✨ what a game, what bravery on the battlefield by Pragg 👑

  7. Hum aapas me hi ek dusre ko haraate rahenge aur teesra koi tournament jeet jayega😂. Match ups are made very strategically.

  8. I think Gukesh going to win candidates

  9. Ideally this is caruna or nepo's tournamnt to lose considering everyone else's inexperience…. The way Nepo raises his form for the candidates is astounding….

  10. Yesterday prag vs gukesh & today prag vs Vidit.. both games should have been drawn by Indian players..but don't why they are scoring against each other only.
    Yeh log aaps me number cut kr le rahe h.

  11. Today was the day of bro-sis… except Pragg & Vaishali all the other matches end in a draw..🎉
    Yesterday they both were lost & today they are winner🎉..#round3 opp

  12. Pragggg 👑
    All Indians within 0.5 of the leaders is a good place to be

  13. Please post analysis videos of games of all the Indians to help us understand.

  14. Haha Sagar my mom is sad you called her 75 years old 😅😅 she is 60 😊

  15. when both player are indians it's difficult to select which side we our on

  16. Suggestions for the next steeam:

    – Please keep an eye on the chat at all times
    – Rotate between all games, especially games of every Indian player

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