FIDE Candidates Tournament 2024 – EVERYTHING You Need To Know!

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Hikaru Nakamura vs Fabiano Caruana
Tal Memorial (Blitz) (2012) (blitz), Moscow RUS, rd 1, Jun-07
Trompowsky Attack: Classical Defense (A45)

1. d4 Nf6 2. Bg5 e6 3. Nd2 h6 4. Bh4 c5 5. e4 d5 6. e5 g5 7. Bg3 Nfd7 8. h4 g4 9. dc5 h5 10. Ne2 Nc6 11. Nf4 Nde5 12. Nb3 Bd7 13. c3 Qf6 14. Bb5 a6 15. Ba4 Bh6 16. Nd3 Nd3 17. Qd3 O-O 18. O-O Bf4 19. Rad1 Rad8 20. Qe2 Ne5 21. Bd7 Rd7 22. Nd4 Ng6 23. c6 bc6 24. Nc6 e5 25. Nb4 Rfd8 26. Qa6 Rd6 27. Qb5 d4 28. cd4 Rd4 29. Rd4 Rd4 30. Nd5 Qd6 31. Nc3 Kg7 32. a4 e4 33. Bf4 Nf4 34. Qg5 Kf8 35. Nb5 Ne2 36. Kh1


0:00 Hello Everyone
05:55 About the Event
07:20 SCHEDULE !
11:40 ANTI-CHEATING Measures!
27:45 Contributions

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  1. Agad will try his best to cover one round a day, wtf is this? Can't you cover at least 3 a day?

  2. Hugely talented field this year and with Ding's form not being so good, any one of the candidates will think they can take it.

  3. Is there some reason why men and women couldn’t compete against each other? I get it in athletics that men have an advantage but do they in chess?

  4. Chief arbiter and deputy arbiter? Lol
    Andy Griffith and Barney Fife!!😅
    Check out Barney fife short clips "Nip it!! Nip it in the bud!!"
    From deputy arbiter Barney fife

  5. Humpy Konerou sounds like a candidate to watch out for. Look forward to seeing some of her games.

  6. I was underwhelmed by the Great Hall. In contrast, your excellent explanation of the rules was truly impressive and befitting this historic event.

  7. That’s just stupid. The pairing should be random or by rating

  8. Wait… why only "himself" or "herself"?? Where is "themself", where is "xself" etc. ? What a discrimination against lgbtq+, disgusting 😂😂

  9. What does it mean when a player is seconded by someone?

  10. The venue in Toronto is trash lol

  11. Can someone explain to me why trapping the white bishop with b5 is not a good move?

  12. And it was in this position, in the middle of game 13, that Nepo ripped off his suit revealing a Pokemon shirt, forcing his opponent to resign immediately.

  13. I love Ding, I really do, but at this point this isn't the Candidates', it's a WC tourney

  14. Brutal, after losing a game some knucklehead sticks a microphone in your face and you have to answer stupid questions. With poise and grace.

  15. Thanks Antonio, really looking forward to your coverage. Your loyal and excellent subscribers are only coming to your channel for updates, no matter the time uploaded, because you are the BEST.

  16. Is it the first time two siblings have played in the same Candidates?

  17. I can't believe they picked Hikaru vs Caruana and Firouzja vs Pragu in round one. Like what a fuck was that? This was not a draw by luck, this was on purpose lol. Best matches right away. Lets find out who is the best young gun and lets find out who is the next candidate 🤣

  18. So nrs 2, 3, 6, 7, 14, 16, 25 and 116 from the rankings…

  19. Thumbnail reminding me of Ronaldos picture 😂

  20. i have a question

    Nurgyul Salimova isn't a Grandmaster, but she has two norms entering this event. if she scores well enough, could she earn her third GM norm?

  21. Wow women are 2500 Rated yet they are getting 250k I really feel sorry for men who are 2500 rated cuz they will never have the chance to compete for such a price fund

  22. Ty for this fine summary. Please try and do at least 2-3 games a day. I’ll try and donate soon.

  23. With the inclusion of Vaishali and Pragg, is this the first time that two siblings have competed simultaneously in the Candidates?

  24. Small blader capacity can be "increased" with a leg bag.

  25. I went to a chess fight and a hockey game broke out.

  26. Agadmator: The tournament will be played in the great hall in Toronto.
    Me: How does he know it's great?
    Agadmator: And here is a nice photo of the front of the hall. [shows photo of entrance, over which it clearly says "The Great Hall"]
    Me: Ask a stupid question…

  27. The brilliancy prize will consist of a chess set carved from rock-hard Timbits.

  28. If you look out the main window of The Great Hall, you will see the sad little faces of Eric Hansen and the Botez sisters pressed up against the glass.

  29. If Donald Trump was a GM in this event, he'd boycott every game, trash-talk the other players, and somehow STILL win the tournament. Then he'd grift the audience and fans for money so he could pay his legal bills in defense of cheating charges.

  30. Can you please make a video sharing how you make these highlights videos. I totally love your work and now more intrigued to know how you make these and find all these variations so fast. Thanks in advance.

  31. posting stuff just to get clicks…fkn lame

  32. Are there any trans-women in the women's tournament?

  33. I think Ding is intentionally playing bad moves to make players underate him in the WCC. I dont know but i think Ding is coooking something special for WCC. We will see.

  34. We are from India, games start at 12am. Trying to sleep, but not really.

  35. How will they screen for vibrating cheating devices?

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