FIDE Women’s Candidates 2024 Rd 2 | Can Tan Build On Her Lead v. Vaishali? Who’ll Score First Wins?

The FIDE Women’s Candidates Tournament is one of the most important events of the year. Players compete in a double round-robin for the right to play in the next FIDE Women’s World Championship match against Ju Wenjun.

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  1. when is fide removing racist double standards? if russians can't play under their flag , usa, other nato countries(including norway), israel, etc, shouldn't either

  2. Third comment from Australia, I cant believe this has such little comments. Being good at chess is way better than anything else.

  3. how to contact these players to have. a game of chess with them?

  4. Maybe the best players are offering tutoring ?

  5. Great games and commentary. I'm both enjoying it and learning ❤

  6. Women chess = WNBA… nobody cares really but we’ll look from time to time 🤣

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