FIDE World Championship | Ding Liren vs. Ian Nepomniachtchi | Which WC Candidate Will Strike First?

The 2023 FIDE World Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan is the most important over-the-board classical event of the year and decides who will be the next world champion. After a record-breaking Candidates Tournament, world number-two Nepomniachtchi will face world number-three Ding Liren in a battle for Magnus Carlsen’s throne after the current world champion abdicated his title.

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  1. Let’s just ban ‘Magnus’ from comment sections…

  2. We all know the true best classical player is magnus

  3. This is literally my Super Bowl. I'm all sat up with my soda and snacks, ready to settle in and witness history.

  4. For the love of every chess game ever played, Please don't let Anish be the commentator. Jan help! Any one else. Person off the street who has never played, Anyone!!

  5. Its funny that anish's and danya's first language is Russian

  6. Does our Jan have diabetes by any chance? Why is he always eating? I understand that chess is an energy-intensive game, but Ding doesn't eat that often.
    У нашего Яна случайно не сахарный диабет? Почему он постоянно ест? Я понимаю, что шахматы энергозатратная игра, но Динь же не так часто ест.

  7. Who here remembers Anna Cramling at the candidates press conference asking the players what their favorite opening was to play irrespective of winning chances… and Ding and Nepo both going into a deep think…. 😑

  8. those who complain about the draw are missing the point of the sport. nothing wrong with a draw after a well played game

  9. am rooting for Ding Liren, just hoping that his victory would not allow his country to invade the Chess world and consider it as if it was their own!

  10. Amazing times indeed; when Nepo is stripped of his Russian flag whilst Ding proudly plays under the flag of a dictatorship killing and torturing thousands each day. Stand against Uyghur genocide, FIDE. Down with the CCP

  11. Ian screwed the pooch… Ian "I don't want to win." and Ding "I don't want to lose."!

  12. Poor guys have to get up in the middle of the night. Danya looks exhausted 😂.

  13. Only in chess some nonames can fight for the title of the world champion. Of course they both are very strong, but who would imagine one of them on the throne right after one of the best chess players of history…

  14. NECESSITY is the mother of invention Danya

  15. Like watching bats, hiding away in their caves at every opportunity. Maybe I'm just getting old, but it doesn't seem very cool. I wouldn't pay to watch that for sure. Not very inspiring to new players either I'd imagine.

  16. 10 hours ahead of edst here, wow nice place there, Ding is tops and Ian

  17. Ian will win the world title this year.😃

  18. These two work together well. Both charismatic and likeable, and have a good rapport

  19. A title of a world chess champion without actually beating magnus has already lost half of it's value 😔.

  20. Be so funny if whoever wins would have to face off Magnus as a surprised Boss challenge to actually win the championship.

  21. Saddly he is from China; an oppressive country

  22. Guys i have had enough of this SHIT
    "This isn't a real championship match … Blah blah"
    This IS a real world championship match but we only need to change our perspective of the world champ being the strongest!!!!!!!

  23. I really, really do not like this rest room silliness.

  24. "I just need to pee really quickly and grab water. Take me two minutes."

    I would die of embarrassment. I'm sure Danya laughed it off. That's what I like about him.

  25. Just imagine they both are tied on points after all games are over and magnus Carlson comes out with his money in the bank contract and wins the championship for sixth time

  26. I'm much more interested in the commentators.

  27. no more mouse slips throwing the game

  28. Well done commentators. You gave a lot of very deep and interesting insight into the game. Looking forward to game number 2.

  29. Not exactly Steinitz-Lasker, Capablanca-Alekhine, Botvinnik-Tal, Fischer-Spassky, or Kasparov-Karpov. Nepo wins 7.5-6.5 with eleven draws.

  30. I don't think either of these GMs could give GM Magnus Carlsen, the real world champion, a competitive match 🤔.

  31. Or we could just watch Magnus and Hikaru play a bunch of blitz games.

  32. Now that we're here without Magnus, I'm actually kind of glad because the outcome seems more unknown with these two up against each other.

  33. During game 1, the commentators are actually a bit annoying by going through intensive retrospective variations AFTER the positions changed when the players moved on with their moves.

  34. The FIDE president steals money from the federation and Nepomniachtchi bribes players.

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