FIDE World Championship | Ding v. Nepomniachtchi | How Will Ding Equalize Against the World #2?

The 2023 FIDE World Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan is the most important over-the-board classical event of the year and decides who will be the next world champion. After a record-breaking Candidates Tournament, world number-two Nepomniachtchi faces world number-three Ding Liren in a battle for Magnus Carlsen’s throne after the current world champion abdicated his title.

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  1. I am rooting for Nepo! Come on Nepo!! Good luck from America. Teach that dry and prosaic boy a lesson!!!

  2. Anish's commentary is so incisive. It is not necessarily the moves themselves, but what he says in-between the moves. I am tempted to watch this again and take notes. Anish is "worried" about his English. He could not possibly do better. Thank you Anish. Your commentary is invaluable to any competitive chess player.

  3. Ding is CRUSHING on his own without his horrible seconds to sabotage him. Get Richie "h3" Crapport OUTTA HERE !!!

  4. Kasparov said it best how can u call this the world championship when the best player in the world isn’t playing in it.

  5. Oh Dude,I Have really High Hopes For Ding

  6. I, like many AND of course unlike many…, am rooting hard for Ding.

  7. What happens if score are equal after 7 games?

  8. Starting to realize a pattern here: opponent gets Nepo under pressure and keeps mounting the pressure for some number of moves, he gets fed up and blitzes out a move in 5 seconds, move turns out to blunder the entire position. Looks like a solid match strategy for Ding, taking full inspiration from the last WCC match.

  9. when does anish say hes new to chess and an ex valorant player?

  10. How does the other GMs not know slider puzzle? 😅 criminal

  11. U know when the commentator watching you are superGMs you're good at chess

  12. The definition of great architecture is in three components – firmitas, utilitas and venustas i.e. structural stability, utility and beauty. They are interrelated. They can be no beauty if the building falls down, there can be no beauty if if the building cannot be used. There can be no beauty for beauty's sake.

  13. Refreshing having Anish commentating. Love new voices and different styles

  14. 3:56:30 everyone acting like they didn't see bobby fischer interview where he solves such a puzzle on the late night show? No no

  15. FIDE is helping Nepomniachtchi with a computer and the FIDE president steals money from the federation and takes bribes.
    Nepomniachtchi, Nakamura and Carlsen have bribed other players in the past like Carlsen to Nepomniachtchi in the last World Cup.
    Nepomniachtchi, Nakamura and Carlsen and Nodirbek Abdusattórov have used computers in different tournaments.

  16. It's ridiculous to claim Ian is in trouble. Or that Ding is somehow in the lead. Commentators trying to stir things up. All this indicates is the match is tied. Nothing else.

  17. Для популяризации шахмат предлагаю играть на Хабаровск (исторически правильное название 伯力, Pinyin Bólì).

  18. Insane battle! Rd4 was a really nice move and turned over the game!

  19. Great game by Ding. This could really knock Ian's confidence and we know he's prone to choking

  20. the most populous country vs the widest country

  21. Chess journalists back at it again asking the most ridiculous questions🤦🏻

  22. And in this position Ding sacrificed inhales "The

  23. It's amazing how bullet chess games can be so exciting while classical chess can be so boring.

  24. Anish :- I want a beautiful exchange sacrifice
    Ding:- OK.

  25. Exciting! Only 2 draws out of 4 in this match. Perhaps we'll witness a roller-coaster! More exciting that Carlsen-Caruana for sure!

  26. You can just tell Ding is much more confident now, you love to see it👏

  27. Levy should've been there to say, 'He sacrificed the ROOOOOOOOK!!'

  28. Ding in the interview: “you want me to compare the game to a song? It’s a classical chess game..” had me dead.

  29. I can't wait to hear levy screaming "THE ROOOOOKKKKK"

  30. I trust that Ian will bounce back and take back his lead from Ding. Team Ian all the way

  31. Ding is the strongest player in this championship 💪 nepo won't come back..

  32. I can’t decide which side should I go? Both deserves to be champion! Both are so humble!

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