FIDE World Championship: Ding vs. Nepomniachtchi – Which Chess Legend Will Strike First? – Game 2!

The 2023 FIDE World Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan is the most important over-the-board classical event of the year and decides who will be the next world champion. After a record-breaking Candidates Tournament, world number-two Nepomniachtchi faces world number-three Ding Liren in a battle for Magnus Carlsen’s throne after the current world champion abdicated his title.

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  1. FIDE is helping Nepomniachtchi with a computer.

  2. Why the Ian doesn't have the russian flag there but logo of the WCH?

  3. No time increment until move 60 makes no sense to me.

  4. "He tried to play g3 his hands slipped to the right" 😂😂

  5. where are the players? staring at empty chairs..

  6. Seems like Nepo ist going to be 2nd and Ding 3rd

  7. Anish doing quite a good job i have to say

  8. You guys have downgraded your broadcasting levels significantly from the last wc match. No studio broadcast, no on-site roaming reporter, no hype at all. Felt boring and left mid-stream.

  9. as a chess fan, i didnt want ding for fighting for wcc. he is a great player bt not for such event. he alawys breaks when its time for him to shine. i knew it before the wcc started. im a magnus fan. its sad not to see him here. i wanted hikaru aganist nepo. it wudd be a real battle. itss just gona bee a onee sided boring chess in the history of world chess championship.

  10. Big psychological blow against Ding while this game helps Nepo recover after missing possible winning chances in game 1

  11. The shock and then smirk on Nepo’s face on H3😂

  12. hope Ding doesnt collapse like Nepo last year in contribution to one sided dominance.

  13. Ding playing fast early reminds me of how Nepo played fast Vs Magnus last year. Maybe Nepo learned something about the match with Magnus in the World Chess Championship.

  14. 'Danya, you are saying more what I think but in proper English!' Anish is good value

  15. This is what you get when you play h3 on move 4 on a WC game.

  16. Only I have the feeling that starting from the Candidates Tournament, everyone gives Ian something? Of course, it is rightly said that the most difficult thing to win is a won position, but it is also true that Dean plays just awful. And in the Candidates Tournament, in the games against Ian, Ding himself, as well as Firuja, Duda, and Rapport played almost the same way. That is, he does not win in difficult, intense meetings … In other words, Ian is a lucky freeloader))

  17. Nepo need Magnus but Magnus scared from Nepo he now Nepo better than him .. Nepo 🫡🇷🇺

  18. yo are they seriously not showing the russian flag?

  19. I am actually glad that we have Ian vs Ding match. Ian vs Magnus would be 100% draws or Ian blundering… This will be more fun… Magnus vs Fabi was 100% draws, it was just absurd… And winner of this match will be world champion. Based on some people's logic, both Kasparov and Karpov weren't world champions, nor Kramnik, because Fischer died in 2006. 😀

  20. Fabi’s comment in the last Candidates about Nepo blowing Ding off the board comes back to haunt me now. Perhaps Ian is simply just the stronger player of the two, as attested by their last 2 WCC games.

  21. Why is Russia’s flag censored? Shame on Ian for not speaking out on this.

  22. Nepo is gonna be dangerous now that he has confidence that he can outplay Ding even in his prep. Against Magnus his performance collapsed with his confidence after Magnus did his thing in game 6. And as Carlsen once said, Nepo's peak level is sensational and the only thing stopping him from being as good as anyone in the world is himself.

    And with this start I think the trend might be the exact opposite of the las tone, his confidence should be climbing with both the opening success yesterday and this convincing win and as a neutral I can't help but be afraid for Ding. I definitely want to see a lot of decisive games, but I don't want another blowout!

  23. i was really hoping for another mouse slip win …. it makes the game so much less interesting

  24. Ding prepared by himself but nepo has their team that's why Ding try offbeat move h3.

  25. Naroditsky and Giri make for an amazing commentating team. Love the way they're low key complimenting each other feels like bromance

  26. Pls let Ding win this championship. I am saying this even tho I was rooting for Ian before start of championship. If Ding loses this, then he'll just be too depressed to do anything in life

  27. Ding lacks grit, he needs some free weights training and octagon time

  28. I noted in my recap video that not all novelties are created equal… 4.h3 gets an epic fail.

  29. Classy play by Ian, this could be an insanely interesting match overall

  30. 27:22 Nepo's reaction is priceless lol he was happy it would be a tactical game

  31. 4. h3 is Stockfish's 4th top choice after depth 50 calculation (with 0.0 eval).

  32. "A strong memory, concentration, imagination and strong will are required to become a great chess player." ~ Bobby Fisher

  33. Let's be real. This is not match for the world champion. Anymore than Timman v Karpov was when Kasparov formed the PCA. The best player in the world is Magnus Carlsen. This is a match for the number two spot.

  34. I like the chair selections, lots of back support

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