FIDE World Championship | Ding vs. Nepomniachtchi: Which World Champion Challenger Will Break Ahead?

The 2023 FIDE World Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan is the most important over-the-board classical event of the year and decides who will be the next world champion. After a record-breaking Candidates Tournament, world number-two Nepomniachtchi will face world number-three Ding Liren in a battle for Magnus Carlsen’s throne after the current world champion abdicated his title.

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  1. 38:42, Danya mentioning manner of fashion and Alireza in the same breath wasnt a coincidence and Giri chuckling knew it aswell

  2. Can someone please provide timestamp for Ding documentary?

  3. Русский, но хочется болеть за Динга. Такой скромный, гениальный человек.

  4. I hope Ding's mental strength is as strong as Nepo's shirt buttons.

  5. I think Nepo always looks like he doesn't feel like it at all, thinks his opponent sucks and wins the whole thing anyway😅
    Edit: And Stoned

  6. Understanding a world without questions is quite strange, but asking questions at the world chess championship conference is being indecipherable to understand 🙄🤔🤐

  7. Ding played a really bad game time, it feels like he lost more than yan won

  8. Come on Nepo, just draw tomorrow and then win again with white!

  9. I am beginner but enjoying this year's WC

  10. I really thought Ding was going to put up more of a fight once Nepo started pushing on the kingside. But instead he just sat there waiting and I'm scratching my head wondering why he was so passive?

  11. FIDE is helping Nepomniachtchi with a computer and the FIDE president steals money from the federation and takes bribes.
    Nepomniachtchi, Nakamura and Carlsen have bribed other players in the past like Carlsen to Nepomniachtchi in the last World Cup.
    Nepomniachtchi, Nakamura and Carlsen and Nodirbek Abdusattórov have used computers in different tournaments.

  12. Please show the game board on the big screen

  13. Can someone please provide timestamp for Ding documentary?

  14. Imagin Top players play with each other and they have a lot of fans and u look at the chat….😂😂

  15. 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺♥️♥️♥️

  16. Anyone who is reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better.

  17. I would watch this stream instead of the FIDE one, except the colors on your live board make it impossible for me to see the black pieces. Why do you make the black pieces almost exactly the same color as the dark squares???

  18. What a refutation of the narrative by Nepo. People say he could crumble under the pressure from the game 4 lost but he ended up winning.. However, there is still a long way to go..

  19. This has been the most interesting Chess World Championship lately

  20. Why are the commentators not using the engine recommendations ? They only use the eval bar

  21. Why did Mangus abdicate is title? He knew Ding is better and didn’t want to get embarrassed.

  22. When Nepo gets into positions he should resign in I wish he would do the same facial expressions like why is the loser not resigning this instant

  23. I wonder if my ears turn red when I blunder

  24. 23 move for 5 minute. Nepo play blitz and win game with 2800 elo GM Ding. Crazy

  25. Two days ago, Anish Giri already predicted a loss by Nepo. 😂 We are watching maybe the best WC chess fight since decades, as both players are really fair play experts, playing very fair, enjoying battling it out with only their skills, nothing else, no tricks or foul playing to improve winning chances or weakening your opponent at all cost.

  26. Ding! Road To Rapport!

    Chapter 1: The Nepo Arc –

    The score is tied, Ding and Nepo have fought a long and grueling war of minds…

    They both have played impeccable chess, it all comes down to Armageddon…

    As they arrive for their final battle, an announcement.

    "Former World Chess Champion – 'Magnus Carlsen', has sent an envelope to be delivered to the winner of the match."

    Nepo and Ding looked at each other, both puzzled…

    There was no time to pay any attention, they both regained their wit's and took their respective seats.

    E4, E5, classic, neither player wanting to lose…

    Magnus was finally out of the picture, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity…

    It was classic theory, but then on move 32, Ding found a Brilliant move that GM Nepo had missed!

    As they say, B5 decides the tide of a battle!

    It unpinned a piece while threatening the queen, the pawn was defended!

    Simultaneously freeing his queen for a tactic leading to checkmate!

    Nepo's eyes grew wide, he shook his head as if declining reality was another chess variation.

    In the end, Ding managed to pull a miracle with the black pieces…

    Nepo fought to the last move, "Checkmate" uttered Ding, followed by silence….

    The greatest applause in the chess world, then the handshake.

    Just like that, the 21st World Chess champion was born !

    The entire world was elated!

    Nepo was the favorite to win, he had the white pieces!

    Yet, Ding had done the impossible!

    Yes, Magnus wasn't there but in this game, everyone forgot for a while.

    Just pure passion for the game, and incredible chess!

    Ding accepted his trophy, reporters asked how he felt…

    He still couldn't believe it was real…

    And then, finally, the name came back up…

    The elephant in the room, Magnus-senpai…

    Everyone in the chess world waited with baited breath, what did Magnus senpais letter say!?

    Ding, as to not keep the people waiting.

    Decided his celebration could wait for now.

    Ding, the new WCC – did the honor of opening and reading the letter Magnus senpai had sent for the winner.

    A sort of changing of the guard…

    The letter read, –

    "Congratulations, to my successor!

    I know you both have fought a hard battle, but do not become complacent…

    You must both, no – you must all! Continue to sharpen your blade. There is a dark storm looming over the chess world, it will take our utter best and then some to refute our fate!

    Or I fear it will be sealed… Stay vigilant, to all of my chess nakama… I have taught you all that you know, but not all that I know…

    Signed, The Goat, – Magnus Carlsen Sensei"

    Everyone was perplexed, wanting to clarify what his words meant?

    But that same day, Magnus had disappeared.

    Did he felt bitter sweet after losing the title he had held for all these years.

    Did he regret his decision to not defend it?

    Or was this a decree that he would be coming back for his title in two years time…

    With no sign of the former champion, the chess world focused on the big news that just unfolded infront of them once again.

    Their new king of chess!

    Ding looked among the crowd, searching for the face of his closest nakama, Rapport-kun…

    They were to celebrate his victory at their favorite ramen shop, mostly because of the cheap sake.

    But Rapport-kun had disappeared.

    Ding searched desperately for his lost nakama, little did he know,

    What the world would remember as Ding-sans greatest day,

    He would remember as his greatest loss…

    That day was 8 years ago…

    Ding has defended his title 3 times so far,

    each time a fierce battle.

    Each time a stronger opponent.

    Each time, coming out victorious.

    Each of which sought to dethrone him, in order to become the next ultimate chess senpai.

    Each of which, would fail.

    The year is now 2031, Ding feels he has achieved everything there is to achieve.

    He still misses his nakama deeply whenever he sees his 2023 W-C-C trophy….

    Even tho his heart is burdened, his pieces are never blundered.

    He channeled this great emotion into sharpening his skills, perfecting his craft. The year, is 2031….

    The world chess championship candidates….

    Ding no longer feels pressure, he's grown cold. numb to the pressures of the worlds expectations.

    Reporters would always say – "This year, the challengers are stronger then ever before!"

    Ding could only reply, "Let them come."

    Until – Front page news,

    "Chess report! Return of Rapport! The Hungarian GM that has been missing for nearly a decade returns! Along with American GM Niemann, truly incredible!

    Carlsen still missing, when will the king of games make his ret-"

    Chess news, had devolved greatly in the previous decade.

    Ding never kept up with the headlines, but today -Ding froze!

    For a moment, the unshakable chess Champion, usually cold and unfazed…

    Completely shutdown for a moment…

    How could this be!? Ding asked himself

    He checked the contestants for the WCC prure as the sun will rise and set, the name is indeed registered to compete. He attempts to get in contact but to no avail…

    Could this really be his estranged nakama? Where had he been? Why wouldn't he answer? Ding waits, what else could he do…

    The Candidates tournament names were released…

    On it – was Rapport, in fact, multiple names he hadn't seen in years…

    But all that mattered to Din was he would soon be face to face with none other than Rapport-kun…

    His closest confidant when he first won the title of world champion.

    Ding arrived at The Candidates Tournament, surely Rapport had a good reason why he couldn't keep in contact!

    "He probably had a new queen that kept him pinned!

    Rapport, always a sucker for the ladies, that baka!"

    Ding joked to himself, cheerfully.

    Ding looks vigilantly around, something was – strange….

    Was there always this much security?

    "The tournament was being held in Russia, the war ended not long ago.

    Everyone on each side was happy for that.

    Chess is called a game of war, of intense battle.

    But truly, it is a game who's fans enjoy intense battles between minds,

    Everyone was glad the war was over, especially the Russian fans.

    Maybe tensions are still high."

    Ding told himself, he wasn't one to keep up with politics either.

    He'd much rather immerse himself in the game he dedicated his life to.

    Just then, Ding spotted Rapport!

    He tried getting as close as he could, out of excitement he yelled out – "Rapport-sama!!!"

    Gleefully, surely Rapport would be elated to see him as well!

    But, Ding felt something different from Rapports aura…

    His energy was ominous, malicious,
    A far cry from the nakama he once knew…

    Next to him, was none other than Niemann-me…

    They had both disappeared in the same week, all those years ago…

    Surely a coincidence, Ding-san assured himself for all these years.

    Ding tried to usher himself closer, but several arbiters placed themselves infront of Ding far before he could reach Rapport.

    "What is the meaning of this!?" Ding asserted!

    The arbiters all smiled in unison, like some sort of synchronized evil entity…

    "Our Greatest sympathies, Ding-heika… But we cannot allow you to interfere with the contestants… Surely you've heard of the new regulations, Your Majesty?"

    They spoke with such disdain and contempt, the disrespect enraged Ding-san!

    "The matches haven't even started, surely there is no such rules that would prevent me from seeing a close freind before a match in place!" Ding protested!

    "Your Majesty- The head arbiter said sarcastically haven't you heard? The WCC rules have been… Revised… Implemented only just before this tournament… We DO represent FIDE… Surely you believe us? I mean, WE WERE – the ones who made the changes…"
    FIDE, an outdated organization that had plagued the chess world, even since the distant years of the Carlsen and Kasparov dynasties…

    Yet it had only grown in power, uncontested, they monopolized all of chess…

    Basically becoming the chess Yakuza, even the WCC knew better then to speak out of line against them!

    "I…. I understand… Of course…" Ding uttered, biting his cheek until it bled….

    He didn't want to risk disappearing conspicuously, Like Magnus-senpai all those years ago…

    Or even worse for a chess player, being disqualified!

    Ding went to return to the sidelines, as he did, the piercing gaze of Niemann met his own… A devilish smirk across his face…

    "One more thing… Why is Niemann-me playing! He was banned in 2023, the very year and week I became WCC!" Ding exclaimed furiously

    "His ban has been lifted. He deeply regrets his past decisions. We cannot punish someone so young and passionate about the game to be exiled forever. Can we? What life would that be for a young man so driven and passionate about the game? Worse than death is that fate to a chess player. You must sympathize with that. Show some… Compassion… Your Majesty…" The arbiters snickered

    How many palms did he grease to weasel his way back into a tournament of this prestige!? Ding thought to himself

    Returning to the observers section, Ding fell silent, observing closely as he watched intently…

    He could feel the power emanating in the room…


    Just like that, the start of The Candidates Tournament was underway.

    Hans and Rapport both played at an elo rating outlandishly higher than their own.

    It was far worse than Ding previously feared, it was as if the room was coated in a thick fog that you couldn't see, tangling players and pieces alike.

    Game after game, meticulously and methodically, they deconstructed the best players in the world as if they were school children…

    In no time at all ,the candidates tournament dwindled down until the day of the, final match was set to take place.

    Hans vs Rapport…

  27. Annoying questioner: Magnus says he literally doesn't care.
    Nepo: I literally don't care. He must be turning into a streamer… 🤣🤣🤣

  28. Annoying questioner: Will you affirm the Christian Orthodox church while playing in a Muslim country even though you are Jewish?
    Nepo: No thanks. And stay away from my cake.

  29. Game 4 …. Ding is back!!
    Game 5 …. Nepo is back!!
    Game 6 …. they are both back!!

  30. This is my first time watch live game..

  31. One thing Nepo should not do is to play poker

  32. "you dont want to miss a moment!

    so now we are going to take another break"

  33. The quality of questions from journalist is a joke . This pokemon interviews dont merit chess as a game. Pathetic. They all need to get fired.

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