FIDE World Championship: Ian Nepomniachtchi v. Ding Liren – Can Ding Equalize with the Black Pieces?

The 2023 FIDE World Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan is the most important over-the-board classical event of the year and decides who will be the next world champion. After a record-breaking Candidates Tournament, world number-two Nepomniachtchi will face world number-three Ding Liren in a battle for Magnus Carlsen’s throne after the current world champion abdicated his title.

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  1. No matter the outcome, these are outstanding chess GMs at the top of their fields. Nothing but respect and admiration.

  2. Ugh, I do not care to see Howell on the broadcast

  3. surprise for newbies : is how is d4 a surprise 🙂 ( they analyze this) and it takes 1 min for first counter

  4. Ding is back was savage by Anish 😂😂😂

  5. Commentator 1: talks about chess
    Commentator 2: talks about chess
    Commentator 3: * me me me me me *

  6. This is the best commentary panel in all of chess.

  7. pls enlarge the chess board!

  8. cannot see the chess board so tiny!

  9. Ding did well. Slight plus, nice outpost on c4… but why push? I think Ding wants to come back with white.

  10. Cause they're talking alot about "whats right and whats wrong" or "knight on the rim are dim" etc.

    In german we have a saying:"Ausnahmen bestätigen die Regel",
    which is something like: Exceptions validate the rule.

    This saying means, basic rules are fine, however somewhere, sometimes you need to break a rule to achive something bigger. Also you always should question such rules/laws.

  11. What would Ian think if Ding got up and 5 minutes later GOAT Carlsen sat down.

  12. It would have been really exciting if Nepo would have castled queenside and played the Rubinstein Attack!

  13. 12 moves into the game before any of the three commentators said anything of any interest to the average person that was a comment about Fisher. The only one exerting any kind of professionalism is David is unfortunate

  14. 12 moves 15 extremely which does not bode well for nepo

  15. Contrary to what you may think yes your mistakes we're quite obvious

  16. I think the body action of meepo is already showing his he knows he has to win this to win this if he wants to be this is a decisive game for him. It is mine nepo must win this in order to validate himself

  17. I think you are misreading the body language. Nepo he's nervous meanwhile ding Cool calm and collected. Somewhat like fisher while playing each of his Russian opponents

  18. Watch ding slow this thing down dramatically

  19. Notice the pown chain ding has this is causing nepo to consider a flank attack which ding will ambush

  20. Nepo looks like a collage kid after a night of cramming for a college final

  21. Giri I think you're wrong. Nepo must either attack upon chain at the base or he's going to have to launch a major Frank attack it will be a blood bath

  22. As I see it ding waiting for nepo to commit and then we'll see a game

  23. Go check out Fisher's third game against Boris

  24. Go read The art of war and I think you will understand dings position it is all about deception I will give you when you are strong you must appear weak when you are weak you must appear strong

  25. It is too early in the game to break the pawn chain

  26. These last moves I'm talking about Ding

  27. Once again I remind you of fishers games with Boris

  28. Nepo knight to a4 followed by knight to b5 sacrifice the night to the top of the pawn chain then he has a chance

  29. To answer your question black needs to wait for whites blunder

  30. Let me call your attention back to the h3 move. Sometimes a seemingly unimportant move doesn't come to light until two or three games Fisher was really great about

  31. David thank you for making my point this is about a long hard journey

  32. Guys keep in mind if frogs carry 45 we wouldn't be able to eat frog legs

  33. This Daniel McFarland guy needs to shut up lmao

  34. The balance in knowledge and personality styles between Danya, Anish, and David is perfect.

  35. Man, whenever I look at those official FIDE chess pieces I am just stunned at how ugly they look.

  36. I don't know why I feel this way because I'm not a chess tourney player or even care about my rating, but seeing Ding at the board so much this game really warms my heart.

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