FIDE World Championship Match – Game 14

Commentators: GM Daniil Dubov and GM Irina Krush

The historical pinnacle of the FIDE World Championship Cycle, the World Championship Match decides who is going to reign the chess world for the next two years. The champion is determined in 14 games and a tiebreak in case of a tie. Who will be the next World Chess Champion — Ian Nepomniachtchi or Ding Liren? Join us from Astana, Kazakhstan.

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  1. Without researching it too much, I wonder if Ding allows his calculations to stray too far from normal positional factors. If he goes wrong, he ends up with positionally suspect positions. Ding's AI brain needs to adjust the calculation vs position parameters perhaps. Dubov implied it in saying Ding was in his own class in terms of evaluation essentially.


  3. Yes, you guys are very funny. Irina, in addition to being an excellent host, could be a good bet in my opinion to beat either of these guys in a world championship match. Seriously. Well, Dubov too I guess lol.

  4. I can't wait for the tiebreak between the mystery an apology pony and mr ding listen

  5. I'm sorry for Ian, some of the translations of the answer he gives in russian are horrific.
    On the other hand it's Ians decision to speak russian…

  6. Classical championship with rapid and blitz = lame. Just let them playing +2 games mini-matches until someone wins. There are already rapid and blitz championships.

  7. Seems like press conference was past ding's bed time haha

  8. These are the best commentators on this match. I hope they get more of this type of work. Thanks to both.

  9. Dubov and Krush are doing an amazing job commentating the games.
    Thanks to them!

  10. If Ian wins tomorrow,he will kill each one of those journalists with his words who ask such stupid questions.

  11. Ian is so impatient and rude with answering the question. Ding is so humble and even with his poor English he still tries his best to answer. Let's go Ding!!!

  12. 一本 IPPON! 始め HAJIME… [nihon 日本 Solar Truth! Let’s start…] 🎥
    ITADAKIMASU [戴きます + 頂きます Thanks, I receive (well)。]. 🎥
    yokushitsumi [抑止詰み。SHAKKI MATTI! “CM, le check+mate.”]。🎥🎥🎥 JAR

  13. I don't understand – if blitz games are a tie, they do 1 blitz game at a time, and if someone wins it is over? Who gets white first?!

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