FIDE World Championship Match – Press Conference

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  1. Why can't you manage the microphones correctly? It is hard to understand anybody. It is not that complicated. The press conference is very hard to follow. Do you recognize the problem?

  2. Haha – I don't know that Topalov is a great role model. Chess player, yes. But not role model!

  3. 29:45 priceless reaction to the russian translation of Ian's answer xD

  4. Встретились 2 одиночества не знающих английский: переводчик и Динг. Беда 😂🤫🙈

  5. А почему Дворкович до сих пор сидит здесь, а не в тюрьме, как военный преступник, поддерживающий и благословлявший военную агрессию в Украине, массовые убийства людей, насилия, грабежи, воровство детей и т.д.?

  6. The translator must be given a big pay cut or fired

  7. Ironic how ding's main opening is the English 😭

  8. Nepo needs to loose weght… A lot of weight… Good luck to both.

  9. Thanks for posting this. I must say the microphone quality is embarrassing (or post production sound editing is really bad). Did nobody notice this before uploading? Also, maybe put in the description where/when to watch the games? I'm stunned that FIDE is doing such a poor job of promoting this match.

  10. Feels like an hollow match with Magnus. Also maybe its just me, but chess seems to be moving on from these kinds of matches with lots of online speed and blitz games and mini tournaments.

  11. looks like FIDE can use some help with preparation of their press conferences. But I'm not sure that they are interested in that sadly

  12. I'm looking forward to a match of two personalities of integrity. Good luck for both of them!

  13. In a sense, Nepo deserves to win the title but my heart wants Ding to triumph!

  14. Ding is literally so uncomfortable like his hands are shaking just holding the microphone

  15. who's the girl? man she's attractive. what is it about european women and their accents that make them so attractive to me? <3

  16. Илинь, го ты будешь 14 партий подряд английское начало играть. Изи катка, отвечаю

  17. Did Dvorkovich really shove Argentinian shirt under his ass?

  18. I am the main promoter of our great nation Kazakhastan and you know it. Do not know why they allow women presenting the event.

  19. can we get Magnus to give commentary for the match

  20. This is good for chess. Ding may bring way more chinese players to the sport!

  21. Nepo’s answers haven’t improved since last time… worrying!

  22. What a mess. Magnus must be dying laughing already! 🤣

  23. Stupid questions and very unorganized – typical of fide!

  24. FIDE is a joke. I think they will be ignored to the point they seized to exist.

  25. hows the fide this year gonna work? does the winner get the world champion title or what? curious on who and how is the next chess champion gonna be shown

  26. Qué freakys que son estos tipos, jaja, se nota que no les gusta ni medio tener que estar ahí hablando ante tanta gente y las cámaras, y teniendo que contestar tantas giladas que les preguntan. Al bueno de Ding además de que parece muy tímido le cuesta un huevo expresarse en inglés. Igual habría que ver si en chino habla mucho más fluido, jajaja.

  27. It is unfortunate that Magnus chose to resign from this match without a compelling reason, as it may be perceived as undermining the dedication and hard work Ian and Ding have put into their careers. This situation highlights the importance of upholding strong sportsmanship values.

  28. Ding is already dobule check his D4 preparation the whole time 😅

  29. FIDE's looking very incompetent: poor speeches by Arkadii and the host, poor work of translator and poor media coverage for such an event overall.
    Hope they will learn the lesson from that failure

  30. For the sake of showing respect to the player, Ding should have had a Chinese translator at the venue as Ian had.

  31. I’m annoyed by the interviewer emphasising “Number 2 of the world Nepo” and “Number 3 in the world Ding”.

  32. 丁立人,祝福你一切顺利并在 FIDE World Championship 方面成功.

  33. Лаги в трансляции , по 15 и более минут не показывать одного из игроков (хотя камеры везде) чудо переводчик на пресс-конференции, это уровень подготовки чемпионата мира по шахматам ? Китайский гроссмейстер сколько из всей первой партии был за доской ? Обнять и плакать Вас и вашу организованность.

  34. Fide trying hard to show how outdated and disconnected they are to the current chess community… Terrible questions, badly organised, no translator, as boring as possible… The legend Anand in the commentary stream but no camera, no studio… Chess booming in spite of fide, not thanks to fide ..

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