FIDE World Championship | Will Ding Find His Way Back To Parity With Nepomniachtchi In Game 11?

The 2023 FIDE World Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan is the most important over-the-board classical event of the year and decides who will be the next world champion. After a record-breaking Candidates Tournament, world number-two Nepomniachtchi faces world number-three Ding Liren in a battle for Magnus Carlsen’s throne after the current world champion abdicated his title.

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  1. Nepo and Ding just played as solid as possible. Now, I wish Ding luck in game 12 because it is a must win for him. Hopefully, Ding will now play the Catalan and go all out.
    But hold on to your hats folks.. We have fireworks coming for the ending of WCC 2023.

  2. lol camera man has a pawn tattoo on the back of his arm

  3. Fair enough answers from both the players..

  4. The interviewer needs to be fired for that absolutely disrespectful question. "do you think the hardest part of the match is already over and you just need to get the job done?" I am so happy when Ian responded with you have to be kidding me right? If it was not the interviewer who came up with the question whoever did should apologise to both players for such a naive question.

  5. Only 3 games left, Nepo doesn’t mind keep drawing he’s a full point ahead, he’ll win the match if this keeps up, the pressure is all on Ding, has HAS to start winning some games or it’s over!

  6. press conf questions are so weak, very boring

  7. Prep leak has become a trouble for ding. He isn't winning

  8. that Ian dude, looks like he could get good in chess

  9. Enough about the leak. Ding did not lose, he drew for the first time as black.


  11. Reporters still trying to milk the cow on the cheating scandal, but there's nothing there. Also I love how modest Ian is when he says "You've gotta be kidding". Nonetheless, although modest, it is true that it's hardly decided, so it was a very honest, polite reply.

  12. I'm super excited to actually catch the game while it's happening, I'm waking up for work now!

  13. There's no need for Nepo to be so rude in the press conference some times.

  14. Nepo is a coward playing for draws like this after getting a 1 point lead. He is ruining this championship.

  15. Tania Sadchev voice is so annoying
    Ffs remove her already and bring other commentator

  16. “To improve your game, learn the endgame before anything else. Because the endgame can be learned and mastered on its own, the middle and opening games have to be learned in relation to the endgame.” _ Jose Raul Capablanca

  17. Weird press questions, as usual… unfortunately.

  18. 🔍🔎🕵‍♀️🕵‍♂️🕵📽

  19. Probably Nepo will win the championship (I estimate it to be a 60-40 chans). The are som reasons for that. But remember, Ding have had higher elo-rating than Ian. Anyway, I have no real favourite, but often I wish the underdog success, and in this case it means Ding.

  20. So in summary, with 3 games remaining,
    Ding must win 1 game, and not lose any game, to be champion. At least one win and two draws.
    Ian must not lose a single game, he can be the champion with 3 draws.

  21. Ian: "good question"
    Ian thoughts: "terrible question"

  22. 2:16:15
    Bro is she stupid?😂 What does she think Ding will try to accomplish in the next three games? He will obviously try to win by any chance or else he could just give up now. Nepo has to defend perfectly or else he will have to struggle again for the win.

  23. I hate draw

    People need closure like me hate draw

  24. Very funny response from Ding – "I would prefer a longer match!"

  25. I predict a London system for Game 12 🙂

  26. Not the most exiting game, but the commentary is great.

  27. Can someone please get Tania out of there?

  28. I think the most difficult part of the match for players and fans is not the games, but sitting through the TERRIBLE press conference afterwards

  29. My lasting impression of this match will be Ding just sitting there, staring at the board like somebody stole his sweet roll.

  30. If Magnus isn’t playing why does this matter

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  32. relax while watching historical chess matches on my channel. ☝️

  33. Wonderful coverage. May I kindly pls suggest: 1. LIVE Board Bigger. 2. Dark squares lighter bc, for instance, you cannot tell sometimes which piece is on spot.. 3. all else excellent great thank you !. PS. I think Ding is from China i don't remember. Where is other gentleman from Ian? Thanks.

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