FIDE World Chess Championship Game 6 | Carlsen vs. Nepo

The 2021 FIDE World Chess Championship takes place November 24-December 16, 2021, alongside the World Expo in Dubai, UAE. The championship will be played for a €2 million prize fund between the reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen and the challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi, who won the 2020-2021 FIDE Candidates Tournament.

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  1. "A decisive result for the first time in five years…". Those thrilling last five years of classical time chess in the world final: draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw… A nun's draws have been pulled down more often!

  2. Definitely the game of the century for me!
    Amazing performance from both players!

  3. The sicological aspect of this game cant be underestimated. Nepo played REALLY well, defended extremely well and after 8 hours lost. It was a crushing blow. Magnus was a grinder . A game for the ages.

  4. Funny how idiots in the chat were spamming 'draw' basically from the first move

  5. 11:15:18 commentator is saying that Dubov is known for that kind of sacrafises and after the event it was reveald that in fact Dubov was part of Magnus's team

  6. This will go down one the best game in history of chess

  7. Best example of squeeze water from a stone. Amazing carlson.

  8. I've come back to this because Magnus has opted out of this year's championship. I hate I'm not going to get to see him in the classical setting, so I thought I'd come back and revisit the best moment from last year.

  9. Ian could have made the draw but made the losing move at 8:21 after 2 seconds of thought. You just can't bang out moves in classical time controls when you are playing Carlsen!

  10. Capablanca used to do that A LOT. Stray from a main line and create a checkmate threat early from the opening to get the other side's prep out of the way. Then just play chess. Source: Capablanca: a Primer of Checkmate.

    Might seem that way, GM Magnus making the game "let's play chess enough theoretical battles" but gambiting a pawn? So ballsy.

    Fischer used to say Capa's arsenal was so limited he would stray even at an opening disadvantage and just play a good middlegame and win by late middlegame.

    GM Nakamura says his team will ok an idea that's a bit ballsy if GM Magnus feels like if he doesn't get his attack he can simplify into a drawn endgame.

    I've always drawn comparisons between Magnus and Capa. Not entirely sure why.

  11. HARRRRRYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! LOVE THAT RAP, What an era we are living in, can't wait for the next championship!

  12. First time watching chess ever can someone explain why they always get up from the chairs ?

  13. Fabiano has such an incredible mind for the game, what a treat. Really hope he can get his groove back and shoot the lights out.

  14. The announcers sitting in front of a nice chess board, that is UGLY AS HELL. It looks liek a bunch of salt shakers on a fine piece chess board. Weird.

  15. So 1:57:40 this position.

    I'm not a great chess player at all, but the move that stands out to me is knight F3 to E5…. it allows the trade of the knights which then gives a discovered attack of blacks rook. I'm sure I'm missing something here though…. anyone gimmie any reason this is a bad move?

    All I can think of is that it's just a trade in the end and the bishop might end up being brought back which makes white lose a move? IDK.

  16. I gotta be honest, I'm with dude on the shirts thing. I don't get it. "World Hess Hampionship"?

    Huh? What's the guys name? I'm so lost. It really does looke like the stupidest fuckin shit I ever seen in his life as well ;D

  17. I'm confused about this position here…. 4:01:00 white moves to e3 and the computer analysis board shows black being ahead immediately after Bishop b2 but it's not true!

    Rook to C5 prevents everything he just said completely, so bishops b2 can't put black ahead. Is their analysis board wrong?

  18. The Carlsen vs. Nepo is MUCH better without the chatter commentary

  19. why is it that the live board updates new moves before the players actually make those moves in the video?

  20. Somebody for the love of all things, please timestamp the moves!

  21. Remember this is not even Prime Carlsen. Incredible.

  22. decisive moment occurs on knight g1 at 7:55:32 is the only way to progress for whate magnificent, you can see magnus face calculating everything it’s crazy

  23. One of magnus most legendary performances. Ian never recovered the rest of the series

  24. bruhh bring Harry Mack back again, that was sick. Chess was also great haha

  25. Game 6 curse if Ian loses will London ban him from entering?

  26. Watched the game and leaving a comment here out of respect for the greatest end game player and the greatest ever to play this beautiful game, Magnus Carlsen

  27. I wish they would just stay on the live board when they only have like 1 minute left. They literally have to do a move any second.

  28. This might not be the most beautiful chess game ever played at a WCC, but it is definitely the most epic.

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