FIDE WORLD CUP FINAL: Magnus v Pragg | Who’ll Win the Toughest Chess Tournament & $110k | Tiebreaks

World chess no. 1 Magnus Carlsen fights 18-year-old Indian star Praggnanandhaa for his first ever FIDE World Cup title, while Fabiano Caruana and Nijat Abasov play for 3rd place. Watch the games:

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  1. Congratulations magnus.. hats off prag…

  2. Though I am an Indian, still would thank Magnus for shutting down those toxic hypernationalist spammers who make live chat unbearable..
    And proud of you Pragg, your time will come..

  3. pragg will 100% be back, his story is just begining im very glad magnuses story ends in the way he wanted. No one can argue that magnus is now not the best chess player alive, potentially of all time

  4. If you thought magnus was going to lose you’re crazy dudes really the Goat

  5. Amazing performance by the young Pragg!! Congrats to Magnus on his world cup win!!!


  7. Magnus is just simply better. Their isn’t anymore further explanation needed. Just leave it at that.

  8. You bustard he is Magnus is much mature and experienced but pragya is very young

  9. Really high praise for Gukesh from Magnus! Strongest in classical among this generation of youngsters. Pity Gukesh was just unlucky to face Magnus in quarters. He deserved a candidate spot. So did Vincent imo.

  10. I love Pragg, but I'm happy that Magnus wins because all of the Indian nationalist spamming for the last few days has been getting on my nerves

  11. India second in world cup and second on the moon 😂😂😂😂

  12. Magnus is the first greatest player in the world and second best player is drunk Magnus

  13. I spend my life looking at screens and my spare time looking at chess boards on screens. Could we just have a video of people playing chess without the board. Or the commentators constantly on stream. It’s such an unpleasant experience.

  14. Prag is young and a future chess champion …..and magnus he also have crossed this stage so this is the lesson for prag and he have learnt something new from…proud with both of the champions 🎉

  15. Praggs Prize money… That's 6 to 10 years Annual salary for many in India… He earns in a month… Great 😃

  16. Leko and Danya are doring an amazing commenting job!

  17. Danya's volume was low and leko's was high. that was really annoying imo

  18. At 45:25 why wasn’t knight to g4 for magnus a good move? It blocks queen and is defended by bishop

  19. Prag the young talent fought the king of 64 square Magni like a giant….. Taking magni into tie break is the win for prag such massive impact… I Prag moving ahead to journey to be world champion in recent future on the footsteps of vishy Anand….👏👏👏👏

  20. What an interview with Carlsen. Absolute top notch.

  21. Pragyan of chandrayan and Praggnan of Chess both sounds alike

  22. How many of u r indians 🇮🇳🇮🇳 … ..

    Raise ur hand & come here to watch young talent of india 🇮🇳🇮🇳..

  23. Can’t believe it’s done! what am I gonna look forward to now?

  24. Can anyone explain the second game? I could not see any checkmates here so how carlson won in the secon game ??

  25. Why do they call him a grandmaster. Shouldn’t he be called super grandmaster

  26. Pragg is truly one of the chess players of the world

  27. Can someone please explain, why did pragg gave up or not continues till mate?

  28. What a game Pragynand played. In the end, it was time pressure for Pragya. Magnus always kept time in his hand in crucial last moves. This is experience.

  29. I have become a huge Magnus fan this last decade. Thanks for the killer games Carlsen. You passed through some fire in this tournament. A pleasure watching you + or – these past few weeks. Well done to all the players. Awesome commentary by all the commentators. This is truly a golden age of chess.

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