FINAL GAME of THE FINAL Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura

Magnus Carlsen showcases his mastery in the Airthings Masters 2023 as he triumphs over Hikaru Nakamura! In this thrilling tournament, Carlsen truly shone with one particularly impressive victory in game 2. In game 2, Carlsen displayed his exceptional endgame skills, slowly but surely wearing down Nakamura’s defenses. Despite facing immense pressure, Carlsen remained calm and calculated, making the precise moves necessary to secure the win. If you’re a fan of chess or just enjoy watching top-level competition, this match is not to be missed! Watch as Magnus Carlsen proves why he’s the reigning World Chess Champion, and see the brilliant strategies and techniques he uses to outplay one of the strongest chess players in the world.


  1. Магнус, с очередной победой.

  2. The only think I dont like about the commentator especially katja (i think), is that she doesnt know much chess and she always does the interviews and asks random useless questions, always same thing, i like analysis question aka why did you play that move here? did u see that move? (peter leko style)

  3. Did you guys notice Magnus's hair is becoming more and more similar to Mozart's 🤣.
    he truly is deserving of his title the "Mozart of Chess".

  4. hikarus is really gonna have to do ALL the side quests before beating the final boss

  5. I can only stalemate🥲
    How can i win like him🥲🥲 atleast with a bot

  6. Magnus reminded me of Kasparov beating Anand in 1996, the expression on Magnus's face after he had won…'yeah that's right…I'm the boss!'

  7. Imagine Michael Jordan , Ronaldo and carslen all hanging out together .too much greatness in one single area, it might cause a dimensional rift in space time continuum

  8. I can't stand these commentators. Glad I can watch with it muted…

  9. i love both players. They are incredible. Magnus have 3 brains and elfs talks with him, and Nakamura have a special magic.

  10. These reporters don't have enough respect for Hikaru. He is litterally the second best chess player in the world. He's on Magnus's plane, but Magnus has the lead and what are these guys, only thirty?! These two are Ray Cutler and Ronnie Coleman,

  11. I'm an amateur, but probably chess is 'the art of doing the right thing on the right time' .
    Magnus is so good at it !!! crazy

    moves like 3:47 bishop , I mean so simple but at the same time so genius !!

  12. Whats up with this video? Why are they showing me some nerd on 3:23 im trying to watch the game……. Smh

  13. I made something for you:

    Magnus Carlsen, the chess king supreme

    With a mind that calculates, like a machine

    But there's one thing that sets him apart

    A feeling that's taken hold of his heart

    For Hikaru, his opponent so bright

    He finds himself lost in the shining light

    Of the chess prodigy, with a smile so warm

    It's like the sun, that brightens up his storm

    Their battles on the board, are fierce and bold

    But in Magnus' heart, a love story's told

    Of how he fell for Hikaru's wit and charm

    And how he hopes, they'll never be apart

    So he moves his pieces, with love in his sight

    Hoping that one day, they'll join in the fight

    Together, they'll conquer the chessboard scene

    And their love story, will forever be seen

    And as the game ends, and the pieces are put away

    Magnus can't help but smile, at what the future may

    For he knows, that he's found something real

    In his love for Hikaru, his heart doth seal.

  14. How they mess up with the actual game is enormous. Ffs just let them play and shut up with ur stupid tactics. I cant keep up either is the actual move or ur sh*t.

  15. At 10:36 the score goes from Carlen 2 / Naka 1 to Carlsen 2.5 / Naka 1.5. Did they agree to a draw? Why did Carlsen agree to this with a winning position and lots of time?

  16. A good lesson in being flexible – after 6 moves (after queen trade) white was never in a position to win and he needed a win (you said). It was like watching an average club player play and not a GM (I don't watch chess much and have not for 20-30 years so please tell me if you think I am wrong). The winner was dynamic and bold – very good and so cool that he thought he would have his lunch at the same time as the match. Not sure why we have so many people in the studio, half of which also seem clueless and are making silly comments – so silly that seconds later you can see they were talking crap after the players made the correct move which was completely the opposite to what they were talking about. They are playing online – so what stops them cheating? (I am not implying anything, just asking). I got here after watch Queen's Gambit film comments – is this time to get back into it (did they ever work out who was better? Fischer or Kasparov? I did not know in the 80s, just wonder if they ever worked it out)

  17. That was so incredibly annoying to watch. Would have been nice to just watch the game without all that fancy stuff on screen, the loud and obnoxious commentators, the constant switching of the screens…

  18. I absolutely refuse to believe that Magnus Carlsen is of this planet.

  19. These commentators commenting on the world's best is hilarious. Like they were anything in chess. Quite funny I say

  20. The funny thing is that Hikaru is maybe the best chess player atm without considering Magnus. It's just that Magnus cant be on that list coz he's from another planet. Total different level.

  21. The commentary was actually extremely annoying and ruined this game for me. You're trying to hard to make this entertainment tv.

  22. Wow, that was intense.

    But seemed like it was leaning white the whole time, the pawn positioning was off the charts. i am lvl 1 lol but I can see that was utterly masterful. No way you just happened to luck into those positions, that was end game planning at its best.

  23. Hikaru is all talk. Can't even play like he should. Playing like a Bot whenever Magnus is around. I guess Magnus gave Hikaru way more trauma in that Hotel than he thought he did.

  24. I really dislike how the commentators continue talking about hypothetical lines even after the players already moved their piece.

  25. I loved the instant replays.



  26. You’re amazing as always! Such a pleasure to watch!

  27. Would have been better without the retarded commentary and constant interruptions by scaling the board…

  28. How did they not see that pawn move by Magnus coming? That’s like a 1200 Elo move

  29. I haven't watched Chess in many months and Magnus has a whole new look.

  30. How did he win? There was no checkmate and not even ran out of time?

  31. Which chess application are they using ? 🤔🤔

  32. Classical games: Magnus Carlsen beat Hikaru Nakamura 14 to 1, with 25 draws. Including rapid/exhibition games: Magnus Carlsen beat Hikaru Nakamura 87 to 38, with 114 draws. Only rapid/exhibition games: Magnus Carlsen beat Hikaru Nakamura 73 to 37, with 89 draws

  33. Id rather watch the game than have it paused every second by commentators

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