FINAL: Magnus v Rapport! Endgame Genius vs. Most Imaginative: Who’ll Win? GRENKE Chess Classic 2024

World no. 1 Magnus Carlsen face one of the most exciting players in chess, Richard Rapport, in the final of the GRENKE Chess Classic! Watch the games:

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  1. Bald guy should stop commentating please

  2. Anyone notice the sequence at 2:33:20 where the arbiter (I presume) approaches Hans’ board and gives him the eyes to come with him? Never seen that’s before during play in such a key game. Hans is seen walking back into frame about a minute later looking a bit purturbed. Wonder what that was about?

  3. Giri doesn't like to see Magnus being complimented by Trent. He's competitive and jealous of Magnus' success. Whenever Trent says something to praise Magnus' abilities, Anish ignores it and instead suggests that they switch to analyzing another ongoing game. It's obvious how he feels.

  4. the chad "open tournament" vs the incel "invite-only"

  5. Lawrence struggles like the "boom goes the dynamite" guy struggles.

  6. Just wish Lawrence Trent would stop whining about breaks and his naff comments. 🙄

  7. Just a word of advice to Lawrence Trent if I may, if you feel hungry or peckish, just schedule with the producers for more breaks. That is all.

  8. and here is Magnus winning one more tournament.

  9. sad to see Ding not being able to show anyone why he is the World Champ right now. He just lost all his fire it seems

  10. Magnus and Hans winning both tournaments?! This is peak entertainment

  11. Somebody should remind Lawrence of his job. He was silent the whole time basically

  12. Magnus had to WORK to draw Rapport last round. Whew that was tough!

  13. Lawrence is not prepared to be in that spot yet

  14. Anish is not the best commentator. Ofcourse he is super smart and intelligent but he gets too stuck at "I would do this, or that" etc. I mean its ok for him to talk like that, just that its not entertaining for us.

  15. This shows Richie cannot handle time pressure. Carlson can easily handle these type of messy position under time pressure which is main reason why Carlson is goat. Not a great player, richie.

  16. At around 4:54:00 I think Lawrence takes a while to get the joke, if he ever got it, about draws, even though Giri keeps trolling him.

  17. King Magnus! All the Magnus haters are having a bad Easter!!

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