Final moments of Nepo vs Pragg | WR Chess Masters 2023 | Commentary by Sagar Shah

Praggnanandhaa took on Nepomniachtchi in what might well be the latter’s second last game before his world championship match. It was an intense encounter and we bring you the final moments of the duel with commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Absolutely love this format of going over critical moments. Video with players, board view and Sagar's musical commentary!

  2. Hi Sagar bhai, pls put that small board with arrows. It would be great with your commentary

  3. Bhai at least put up the eboard !

  4. But Nepo was relatively calm, I think he saw perpetual coming and he never had winning position . Sagar of course wanted to build suspence, but that rook+ knight on same diagonal under attack was not dangerous.

  5. pls add up a chess board to the video. Not easy to follow up this way!

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