FINAL ROUND: Did I Win My Chess Tournament?

This was the FINAL round of my chess tournament! I’ve been playing in Rilton Elo (taking place in Stockholm, Sweden) over the last 9 days, and if I won today I would be getting a medal plus become number 1 in the highest rating group. Let me know down in the comments if you’ve enjoyed the tournament content!!

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. thank you your enthusiasm is adorable so cute thanks

  2. Nice combinations in the end game…you are a great host.

  3. Congrats Anna! Me and my friend have looked forward to your chess tournament recaps each day, and we've enjoyed every video.
    In relation to your tweet to say you've since developed pneumonia, I'm sure I speak for many in saying no worries if taking a break from new chess content until feeling better.
    I pray you have a very (very) swift recovery. Take care! 🙂 ♕

  4. People criticising her a just jealous because she is pretty and some people have very hard time accepting that some pretty women can be intelligent too.

  5. Thank you Anna for sharing this tournament with us! And thanks for your videos, I really learn a lot from you!❤️👍

  6. I really like the way you so fluently explain your thoughts while making moves! It's like you're literally "thinking out loud" to the audience. Excellent, Anna!

  7. What an amazing woman that Anna Is. Congrats on your win.

  8. Anna, these have been great! Hope to see you in more tournaments in the future 🥳

  9. You are awakening a renewed interest in chess! Thank you for explaining the logic behind your choices, so that we can learn right along with you.

  10. if you get paid for something that makes you a professional, so you are technically a Pro Chess Player. 😀

  11. GG 😉 WP! Congratulations, it was a fun ride. I do have one question; you ended up tied with 9 other players I think, what was the criteria for the tie break?

  12. TIME TO ANALYSE JUAN BELLON's GAMES (Thanks for the amazing coverage)

  13. Anna, your chess play was very good, and you are clearly adorable!…

  14. Sorry if I’ve missed the explanation in other videos (new to this channel) but why are they writing down notes as they play?

  15. I really like your tournament recap, go Anna!

  16. Thank you. Love your charming and lively personality. I love chess. And happy for your success!

  17. I've really enjoyed following this . More please , and congrats .
    I'd like to learn this game but never be as good as this

  18. Great video series. The game analysis each day was very interesting and entertaining.

  19. What about a good chess software program??

  20. Yes, more tournaments pls – very exciting..!!! 😉

  21. Fascinating to learn about a real tournament. It's great content, you should continue to post about it. You could even expand on it — how do you prepare for these specific games? Do you study each individual adversary?

  22. I enjoyed your games and your contagious enthusiasm very much! Thank you.

  23. This tournament was SO exciting for us too! Thank you for this and would love to see more! Great job! 🎉

  24. Way to go Anna! Great games and great analysis! Thank you for sharing!

  25. I really enjoyed this series – was rooting for you the whole time. I found this about a week late, but refused to look up the score just so I could follow your journey. It's amazing that you finished 9th (they underestimated you as coming in 12th, right?) – well done! And first for your rating – so happy for you!

  26. Can someone explain to me how Anna can be first in the highest ranking group but 9th overall ?

  27. Congratulations on your Medals! Thank you so much for taking so much time to do these recaps! You must have sacrificed so much energy to do this!

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